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September 2022
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I only had two hours of sleep last night because of work and I didn’t get to see Grey’s or do any spinning despite the fact that Thursday is usually my spinning day. I was at work until 4:30 this morning. It paid off, but it means I don’t have the greatest entry in the world today, despite having some plans.

Actually, I can hardly think well enough to type, so lemme just show you fun pictures and add some comments ok?

3ply with penny

This is the latest spinning I’ve done. I meant to get the wpi for both, but now all I have to show is a picture with a penny for scale. I almost didn’t even have that.

3ply without penny

I almost just had this picture. Which I love because it shows how even the thinner (lace-weight? It’s definitely tiny, I really wish I had the wpi) yarn is than the thicker. The thinner was a regular three ply. The second is an attempt to spin sock weight (why oh why didn’t I take the time to measure the wpi). It’s navajo plied and it seems loose where the “bumps” are from pulling the yarn through itself. I get why it’s like that, but I don’t know how to fix it or whether it will fix itself. I only have enough for one sock, so I’ll be attempting navajo plying again soon.

red roving, compact and drafted

But not immediately, because I’m going to play with this superwash. I picked it up from ebay a while ago, but I had to play around some more before I felt capable of handling this stuff. The compact roving is very dense and dark and it pulls into the soft, slick, shiny fiber that spins wonderfully. But I do have to be very careful drafting because the slightest nips or tangles in the fiber show up horribly in the spinning. I tried to take a picture of the spinning I did Tuesday (before the work craziness started), but it was dark and I don’t know how to use my camera that well. I just got this super bright blurry red streak with lots of dark around it. This I’ll either two ply for some lace or three ply for some socks/hat/mittens depending on how the color turns out. I have to say, while the color doesn’t look very deep in the photo, the drafted stuff is a nice red, albeit not as deep as the compacted stuff. And the yarn maintains the shininess of the drafted fiber and the color looks much deeper. I’m going to have to wash and knit a sample to see how it goes.

handspun lace

Lasty, here is a picture of some lace I’ve been knitting in odd moments with some of the first handspun off the wheel. I dry pinned this out to show the lace. I have a feeling wet blocking will make it look tons better.

close up

Couldn’t resist a close up. :-)

Now I’m off to try to get some work done despite the muffled feeling in my head.

  • linda

    i love love love the lace!

  • Cheryl

    Is that the Branching Out scarf?? It looks great, and in handspun too! Awesome!

    And Grey’s was a repeat last week, so you didn’t miss anytihng.