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February 2023
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Why I love Bear, a series, part 2

I meant to post this last week. But last week got away from me. This part of the why I love Bear is a very small, very simple thing. Backstory: I often don’t make time for the girly things that most girls do. Fixing my hair, makeup, shaving my legs every couple of days, etc. I’m fanatical about being clean, but looking good isn’t usually high on my list of priorities and often I don’t even notice. Bear has never complained about any lack of attention to my looks and beyond that, always compliments me when I do take the time in such a way that I never feel like it’s a criticism. He just honestly notices when I put in the time and attention and makes the time to be appreciative.

I’m sure there are some women who would not be happy with that, but I grew up with men who thought women who wore makeup looked terrible and never noticed one way or the other if you took attention to look pretty. I grew up with women who couldn’t stand that I didn’t take at least a little attention to be pretty sometimes. This isn’t the first thing I noticed about Bear, nor will it be the last, but it’s wonderful to be with someone who loves you no matter what, but will take notice when you desire it.

  • linda

    that’s a very good one

    si nae’s bf won me over when he noticed my highlights.