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February 2023
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awww hicky yaw that boy is raw

I think everyone likes it better when I talk about the shit Bear says rather than the spirals that trap my thoughts. So this morning I could not go to school one. more. day. with my hair in a bun. So I burst into the bathroom while Bear was in there and he squeaks. It was adorable. Normally we are very respective of each other’s morning bathroom times.

“Will you hold the shower head so I can wet my hair?”


“Gah. Fine. I’ll go to the other bathroom.” I pick up my hair goop bottle and start to run back out. Wait. “It’ll be faster if you hold the showerhead and wet my hair!”

He grabs the showerhead and actually is really sweet about making sure it doesn’t soak the neck of my tshirt (this is a big problem when I’m doing this myself actually). Right as he’s hanging up the showerhead and heading out he says “I held your hair and you didn’t even have to drink.”

“What? You didn’t hold my hair? Drink?” For some reason I keep thinking of holding a hose so that you can drink out of it. Did anyone else do that as a kid? You were running around outside and got thirsty so you drank from the garden hose?

Bear starts laughing at me out in the bedroom where he’s dressing.

I’m toweling my hair when it hits me. “ooooooooohhhh.”

He laugh again. “Ten minutes later and it finally hits you.”

I think his little analogy or whatever is just that much of stretch.

(Brain, the title is from Kanye’s School Spirit. Some people have the lyrics as “oh hecky naw” I disagree but to each their own.)

  • linda

    it too me a few seconds but i get it.

  • emmy

    Thank Gawd I wasn’t the only one. It was terrible wasn’t it?