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January 2023
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Ain’t nothin in this world for free

Bear started talking in his sleep a little while ago. Mostly it’s just mutters that I can’t make out, but this morning was awesome. I am awake way way too early because we didn’t have the AC on and it got really muggy and hot. So after I went around and closed everything up and turned on the AC I went to lay back down. Bear put his hand out and I held it. Then he started giggling. While snoring. I started laughing too and he woke up a little bit and looked at me and smiled and started snoring again. A few minutes later he rolled over to snuggle me and started giggling again. Still while snoring. So I said “whatcha laughing about?” and he said “You said something funny in my dream.” and went right back to snoring.

I tried to fall back asleep. I had gotten halfway there when he says something like “The Indians and the Chinese and [mutter mutter mutter] and they go WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE [mutter mutter mutter] and the Whites and [mutter mutter mutter] BOOOM”

I cannot tell if he was telling a joke, talking about a war, or just blowing up the whole world in his sleep, but he seemed pretty happy? Of course then I wanted to share and now I won’t get back to sleep. Thank goodness it’s a Sunday and I could theoretically take a nap later.

(Gilligan, I thought the title went with the tag for this post if only in my head. It’s from Cage the Elephant’s Aint No Rest for the Wicked.)

  • Linda

    i love funny sleepy moments.
    the nonsensical mutters and conversations and smiles and cuddles.

  • mef

    me too. it started off the day well.