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February 2023
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Keep it upstairs for the grand finale

It’s been a long time since I updated.

Since then:

  • I have missed Gilligan like burning
  • We have eaten over at the neighbors and had the neighbors over manymanytimes
  • I had shishkabobs for the first time in memory. It was excellent. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Right.
  • My mother had her last class ever. WHEEEEEEEEEEE (then she went to Rome with her twin and one of my uncles)
  • My father came to visit. I’m not talking about it.
  • My mother in law came to visit.
  • My aunt in law came to visit
  • My brother in law visited and bought a tshirt and cologne. Each was over $100. I am still in shock
  • My MIL and I had a great trip. I miss her. Not like burning, but still pretty heavily.
  • My MIL and I got manicures and pedicures.
  • My MIL and I went into a creepy looking meat store together. MIL told the cashier? owner? only person in the store? that before walking in, we had worked out a plan to kill them and get away if it turned out they turned their customers into long pig. Thankfully she did this as we were walking OUT. I will never be able to go back.
  • My Aunt in Law, Brother in Law and I had a late night conversation about sexuality that was mostly AIL and I talking about gay sex and shocking Bear and BIL to death. Those boys have such delicate sensibilities. I’m just glad MIL was sleeping. I also learned from AIL that women should be like turtles for their husbands…. I’m not even sure I can explain it. But it has to do with sex. And sea turtles. And variety.
  • MIL made us homemade chicken noodle soup. It was fantastic.
  • We fed the birds and chipmunks and squirrels so my MIL could see the birds when she woke up in the morning. We now have a trap to hopefully kill some squirrels/chipmunks. Hate them, but mostly the chipmunks. I DID NOT BUY THE BIRDSEED FOR YOU. STOP DIGGING UNDER MY PATIO. AND STOP CHITTERING AT ME.
  • We are getting/going to get a new roof.
  • We had an attack of the flies in the house. That was disgusting.
  • My husband has asked “Are you ever going to blog again?”
  • Bear and I looked at (buying?) $2000 speakers that were larger than him.
  • My husband took me to the most disgusting house EVER in search of speakers. ONLY BECAUSE I LOVE HIM THAT MUCH AND MARRIED HIM DID I GO IN THIS HOUSE.
  • I almost died walking down decrepit, filthy, steep stairs carrying 60lb speakers. With flies and mosquitoes EVERYWHERE.
  • I made the only significant progress on my research that I’ve made since… 2009? I don’t know. It feels huge.
(Gilligan, the title is from Blank Slate by The National)
  • Linda

    My favorite: My husband has asked “Are you ever going to blog again?”

  • adelnye

    Sea turtles, really?

  • mef

    Really. She tried to explain, but she broke my brain in the process.

  • mef

    Ha. I figured if I had you AND him saying something that maybe I should get on that.