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February 2023
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State of the tea

I’m going to talk about tea today.

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I used to talk about tea more often on the blog. I drink water, juice, tea, soda, coffee, all the things that normal people drink. I only drink two things because I honestly enjoy drinking them. One is actually in a WW later on this month, the other is tea. Allllllllll kinds of tea.

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I’ve gotten into pu-erh. I’ve had black, green, herbal, oolong, white, rooibos. I have experimented with gongfu brewing. I’ve used gravity teapots (warning youtube link, also my FAVORITE gravity teapot is from Teavana).

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I’ve ordered from MANY of the different online loose leaf tea vendors. My favorites are TeaTable, Dragon Tea House, Harney & Sons (for Hot Cinnamon Sunset which I buy a full lb of at a time), and China Cha Dao, to name a few. If you are looking for a vendor, try the teachat vendor guide.

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Currently, I go for easy brewing. I use paper filters from adagio. While adagio is probably one of the more overpriced (but still quality) vendors, they have the cheapest filters. Some people complain about what the natural filters do to their tea, but honestly, I’ve liked how they mellow out most of my teas. I don’t have time to use my clay teapots anymore and I’ve noticed how much sharper my tea tastes in my gravity teapots. I don’t even mind the waste so much because the filter is as biodegradable as the leaves.

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The only thing I mind about tea is when there isn’t any.

Finally, a little bit of random. If you care why I’m linking this, click here. Otherwise, here’s my Knitpicks Wishlist.

  • Linda

    I LOVE this post. Is that odd? Tea has a bad stereotype to be boring and I sometimes subscribe that awful stereotype but I’ve been reminded three-five times now, that tea is marvelous, gorgeous, and peaceful. Thank you for the reminder.

  • mef

    I’m glad that you liked the post. You just looked at the pictures yes?

  • Linda

    I read some, yes.

    i like the last line.

    And wondered about the gravity tea pot.

    And saw that you do some paper filters now that are biodegradeable.

    What what? And also read that you ahvea pot from Teavana.

    I read some!

  • mef

    I WAS TEASING. Next time we get together, Imma make you have tea. Not bubble tea which often isn’t tea, but loose leaf hot tea.

  • ceser

    I’m glad that you liked the post regarding gourmet tea.