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February 2023
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Voracious escape

So I tell people I don’t watch “a lot” of TV. I say this because sometimes, I don’t. If you consider how many hours I spend with motion picture entertainment vs textual entertainment or work, it comes out at the bottom. There are seasons or years where I didn’t really watch anything.

I do watch more television than my father though. He doesn’t own a TV. He doesn’t have a netflix account. He spends part of his year without reliable electricity or internet. So no matter what, when I compare myself to him, I do watch “a lot” of television.

So, since I’m such a voracious consumer of brainless mental escape, here’s the shows that Kevin and I have been watching this fall (all links are wikipedia):

Once Upon a Time
Big Bang Theory (If you want the actual cosmological theory, you gotta google “big bang” apparently)
Top Chef
Booth at the End (Hulu)
Spy (Hulu)

Are you also a consumer of brainless mental escape? Do you also call all visual entertainment/education “shows”? (This drives Bear insane. My documentaries are also “my shows”.) Have you seen any of the shows I’m mentioned?

What is up with my use of quotation marks in this post?

  • Linda

    We talked about TV  shows this week on TAC and one of the commenters said to check out both Revenge and Once Upon a Time. That’s 2 for 2 in one day! What’s Revenge about?

  • mef

    I’ve heard it’s a soap opera and it wasn’t until I had a conversation with Bear that I understood that didn’t mean a daytime soap. It’s….  and about rich people? and betrayal and getting revenge and I don’t know. You really should start with the first episode though probably. It’s kind of convoluted.

    Once Upon a Time isn’t GOOD, but it’s fun and campy.