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September 2022
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“the frog is more interesting”

These hero posts have been very hard because the last two were so very personal. These last two will be of people that I think are pretty familiar to many people around the world. Today’s is Jim Henson. If you don’t know much about Jim Henson, most of his work is famous: Fraggle Rock (a muppet show about world peace), Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, and two of my very favorite movies, The Dark Crystal and The Labyrinth.

Jim Henson believed in silliness and laughter and making “shows for everyone”. Much of my childhood was shaped in the very best ways by Jim Henson’s creations. Jim Henson’s wife complained of him being so calm and patient that you sometimes wanted to kick him.

I have this real craving now to watch the Labyrinth again. I love Jareth and Sarah.

But maybe instead I’ll watch this. I hope you will too.

  • Linda

    Can’t wait to watch the second half of the video. It’s a great share. I never even knew what he looked like!

  • mef

    From all accounts he was a very decent person. He looks it too. There’s 9 parts to the video, not just 2. I’m glad you enjoyed that first bit.