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September 2022
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The knitting is dying this horrible death. I want to knit, but I have this project I absolutely have to finish and it’s killing me. I have a feeling if I can just finish it then the knitting will come back, but I hate working on it. *sighs*

So I think I’ve found a new obsession. The tea thing has reached this balance point. I drink tea, I read a few blogs. I know what tea I like to drink and I drink it. No more needs to be done or said. It will never be life consuming. I’m pretty happy about that I think. I just hope the plans for the high tea don’t fall through. I really really want to do that.

The new obsession? I want to grow tomatos. I mean, I could get behind a real little garden with tomatos and lettuce and radishes, but I have no space. So a little planter that I can put mesh around and grow a cherry tomato and medium size tomato plant sounds perfect. I even found a planter set that has a water wicking system and a cage thingy included.

I hate when I go through fads though. Do I want to put in the investment and try to grow the tomatos and hope that at some point they don’t die the way my knitting is dying for lack of attention and care and love?