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September 2022
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Stacked Deck

I had this dream last night. I had just broken up with a boyfriend. No one serious, just a guy I’d dated and kinda liked for a few months. I had gone out with some friends and (because this is a dream) we were at a ski resort with this other circle of friends (except we weren’t skiing because it was fall and snow hadn’t fallen yet). I can’t remember a lot of the detail, but also at the resort, in the other circle of friends was Bear and this girl. I liked Bear. I took every chance I got to hang out with him, but I thought that he and this girl were dating. I was just enjoying the company. There was even this one weird sequence where a bunch of us were on some couches in some room, like one of those rooms in resorts with the fireplace and the couches. And he ended up holding my legs. Like there were a few ottomans that a group of us had commandeered to prop our legs and feet up and I had slouched down and my legs were completely across the ottoman with a friends feet propped on mine and he lifted my legs and sat and then held them on his lap. But kinda hugged them. Eventually I told him I loved him. It was right after the other girl told me she was going to get him to date her and I realized they weren’t dating. Apparently I’m not very nice. He said he loved me and wham I woke up. Granted the alarm had been going for forever.

I remember holding his face in my dream the way I do in real life. That was a good dream. A good way to wake up. I’m pretty sure I even know why I had the dream. I guess that maybe that deck was stacked too. :-)