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February 2023
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no book day

I have a metric for how a day is going. It goes by the kind of book I read that day. I always read. Every day.

Great days are anything goes. I’ll read a bit of something spectacularly bad on a great day. I’ll read nonfiction. I’ll sometimes just read the news or my blogs.

Good and mediocre days are for good and new books. Great writing, plot, characterization. New novels. New fiction. I’m adventurous on these days. Life is going ok, but there’s room for some special piece of fiction or writing.

Bad days require comfort reading. A familiar author, a happy ending. It must be fiction. The writing must be tight. The story must be compelling. Something to pull me away from whatever is making my day suck.

Really bad days require old favorites. Novels that are on my keeper shelf. Books that consistently make me feel better.

Then there are the days when nothing helps. When my keeper shelf looks like it’s full of bitter dreams. When my eyes are just tired and my brain fuzzed and my heart heavy.

I’m off to see if I can find a book on my keeper shelf to keep this from being a no book day.

  • linda

    what’s on your keeper shelf?