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February 2023
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Ripe Tomatoes

Y’all! I have tomatoes!!

Now lemme tell you why they aren’t still on the plant. So on Sunday I notice we have ripening tomatoes. I am freaking thrilled and I drag Bear outside to look. (Currently two more from this bunch are turning pink.)

Aren’t they darling looking? I’m pretty sure they aren’t ripe yet though, so we leave ‘em there. Then on Tuesday night (technically Wednesday morning I guess since it was 1am), Bear comes upstairs and tells me, in all seriousness, that we probably won’t get to eat the tomatoes. I ask him if something ate them. I couldn’t imagine why else we wouldn’t get to eat them. He tells me it’s because the frost probably got to them.

Now lemme tell you what happened on Tuesday. A slight cold front came through and it rained for about 15 minutes and the temperature dropped down to 57 that night. And for some reason, probably because we already had the windows open, it was 57 inside the house too. Bear figured that if it was 57 inside the house that it was 37 outside, which meant the tomatoes might not survive. He has me traipse outside “save” them from the nonexistant frost. The whole time he’s telling me, it’s so cold!

So now I have 4 ripe tomatos and 7 more have turned pink. I expect that in the next week or two I’ll have many tomatoes turning pink and ripening.

Those front three are turning pink (you might not be able to tell with the further back one, but it is).

Then two more there are turning pink.

The rest of the garden is still green.

If you make that bigger you can see the million green cherry tomatoes and 2 of the beauty tomatoes.

The two hidden beauty tomatoes are getting massive though. Definitely the size of my fist now.

This tomato gardening thing is so much fun.

  • linda

    they ARE darling