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January 2023
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Debris in my head

I want to play with Twitter. I think my brother would be a good victim. Unfortunately he’s busy. Boo.

Ma new boots kick ass. They also are a wee bit tighter than my feet are used to shoes being. This is resulting in me being very aware of my feet and how I constantly try to sit on them or prop them up on the computer. I still remember the day I was coding with headphones on and my advisor snuck up on me. I had gotten comfortable with my feet or legs propped up on the computer (warm box down at my feet, duh). She waited until I noticed her and pulled off my headphones to say, “Enjoying your ten thousand dollar foot rest?” Yeah, for all she was just poking at me, I flushed red then and still get uncomfortable when I think of it.

I’m still loving Adele, but “You know what they do to guys like us in prison” by MCR and “Kids” by MGMT and “L.E.S. Artistes” by Santogold are fun dancing songs. Which actually doesn’t help my attempt to finish coding and debugging by Monday…

Ubuntu 8.10 kicks ass. Mostly it looks like 8.04, but it’s snappier and it has little cute things that I’m enjoying. Like the amarok icon displaying the song progress by slowly greying out. 10% of song played means the top 10% of the icon is shaded. For a long time I kept looking at the icon going what is UP with that psycho little thing. Also, having pidgin status integrated into the user switcher. Very cute cool little things. Debating though if I want to install the million packages to get bucket working in gnome.

I found this article yesterday Debt Man Walking” by