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January 2023
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Y’all, I’ve been kinda having a shitty last few days. I think it’s better? I had a work problem that was very serious. Bear was sick. I had family issues. I forgot about a papery thing that was due for my class until 3 hours before class. I brained myself in the head with the coffee table. That was lovely. AJ was right there to witness it too. Lovely. That’s not to say I didn’t have fun. Bear and I had some good quality time in between all his sleeping and coughing and miserableness. AJ and I had some quality time. Nice talking, watching CM, grocery shopping, brunch eating time. Also I have some really happy making stuff to read. Its just that some things blew up on me.

But today, on my way back to my lab after class, I had the most beautiful idea. I AM GOING TO SPIN!! I cannot tell you how excited I am. I’m going to watch that episode of the Closer that came on a wee bit ago and if I get really into it maybe I’ll find a movie to watch. I am going to switch my bobbins and do a fluffy 2 ply.

Assuming I keep spinning and never get around to knitting again I really will have to find a knitter that wants to take this shit off my hands, but we can get to that part later. YAY.