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February 2023
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You cannot see me!

This morning I almost literally crawled out of bed 20 minutes late. Which means that the alarm had been going for 50 minutes. Which meant that I was super tired. I get to the bathroom, take care of business, come back to tell Bear I’m out.

“Bear.” Silence.

“Bear. Get up.” Silence.

“Your turn. Get up.” Silence.

He groans. “My name is Mutant Ninja!” (I know he didn’t actually say mutant, but fuck if I can remember what kind of ninja he was.)

“…I’m supposed to call you that?” I was still getting dressed, but I had actually paused at the title. I think I had already forgotten what kind of ninja he was.


“Ninja. Get up.” Tiredness meant I was actually able to say that with a straight face and dry tone.

The covers whipped over his head. “You cannot see me!”

That however, was too much and I started laughing. “Sadly, Ninja, you are going to be late whether I can see you or not. Get up.”

“Maybe if I got some head scratches? Or back scratches? Feet?”

The complete and utter silliness that he sometimes wakes up with always surprises me. Sometimes it comes only when he’s super tired or really well rested or somewhere in between like he was today. Good dreams maybe? He got some head scratches and I got some cuddles and we finally got out the door. He would have been on time too if we hadn’t had traffic almost the whole way. I’m still wicked tired. We shouldn’t have stayed up until 3 or whenever it was.