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January 2023
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Firstest Concert

I didn’t post yesterday! Because I went to my first real, paid-to-listen-to-music concert! Basically we went for Cobra Starship and Fall Out Boy. We also caught All Time Low. Dude. I don’t even care that they probably sounded worse because of whatever mike issues everyone was having, because they are sucky. Strangely enough, I went to the concert thinking Cobra didn’t impress me at all, except that Gabe & Co are damn cute and their music is super fun live. It actually was worth the trip out to the Arena. Other thing that was actually entertaining was this rave kid who was dancing between sets. He was super super interesting. He had like a gf and this assistant. It was wild.

Fall Out Boy though was worth the price of admission and then some. They aren’t even MY band, but I know enough of the songs and Pete and Patrick and Joe were so cute. God.  I cannot even tell you how many times one of them did some stupid spin or skip or something and I was just like OHHHH. This is maybe silly because other people are like, yes, yes that is how it goes, but that’s never happened to me except with like MCR on certain videos and never like this.I saw Patrick skip across the stage at one point after doing a little spin like Pete and Joe do the whole concert and my brain squealed. Pete was quiet at certain parts. Curling up in front of one of the monitors or standing still. There was one cute point where he and Patrick kinda curled towards each other with their guitars angled away. I’m not sure that’s what they call guitar sex when it looked more like Pete wanted a hug and a cuddle and Patrick wanted to oblige him. Then Joe killed me when during Beat It they turned on the feet cameras and Joe kept walking all over and the poor dude below the stage kept trying to follow his feet. He’d get Joe’s feet focused and then Joe’d move. Then he’d get it focused again and Joe’d move. I’m pretty sure that’s why they had a guy on Joe’s camera and not Pete’s or Patrick’s, and probably Joe just can’t be still, but it still got me.

I did remark to AJ that dude, if I flip out like this over FOB, that I’m usually not that interested in, I am freaking anxious to see Panic and MCR that I do adore. There’s more on that list. I’d love to see Frightened Rabbit, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Empires, Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer/Dresden Dolls, Taking Back Sunday, The Used. That’s just a list of bands that I might actually be able to see one day. I’d plotz if The Delgados ever got back together. Bear would plotz if the original Smashing Pumpkins ever got back together.

AJ actually has a good writeup for the concert. The only bit she left out was the yucky conversation that the guys in ATL had about titty sweat vs dick sweat and then when they got to ball sweat they were like, ok, yeah, that’s more than enough, next song! I will say this, ATL was at least not boring. They were disgusting and not pleasant, but not boring. Good for mocking.

My brain has kinda been off all day today. I’m quiet inside. It’s ok, except that I’m pretty sure it’s not making me a good person to interact with. I feel sorry for Bear, Lin, AJ and my brother. My internal monologue is still talking in the baby voice that started up after the concert when I was all punchy.

  • AJ

    Empires is DEFINITELY possible, Frightened Rabbit probably plays college towns, and MGMT comes out here a lot, so all you need is someone to go with. I will think on that. Jen might do it with you, she enjoys concerts.

    *hugs you*

  • emmy

    Dude!! I didn’t realize you’d see this! I can totally find people to go with me, esp to like MGMT or Frightened Rabbit. Nick would go with me even. He’s seen them before and enjoys such things. Chris would go with me to AP/DD or probably a few of the others too. I’d rather go with you or Lin any day though.