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September 2022
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bad story = bad touch

I read a book that made me hit Bear. (Let’s table the discussion about whether it actually made me and whether there was actual spousal abuse, k? Bear was all wah wah and he whapped me back to make me stop. The whapping me back helped with my frustration. I didn’t tell him why I hit him though. I think it would have broken his brain. Also, I’ve hit him worse when I was rubbing his back. This was not abuse. It just was without context.)

So, book that actually made me frustrated enough that I needed a physical vent for it. I wrote out at least five MAJOR problems as I saw them, but I deleted it.  I’m not reviewing this book. Y’all aren’t gonna read this book. Mostly I’ll just share this one bit that ruined a strong interesting woman for me:

Woman was stalked then nearly murdered. Woman admits to issues with men who do anything even slightly stalkerish. Man does slightly stalkerish things and Woman goes, oh, but I trust you DESPITE ONLY BARELY HAVING MET YOU and you doing these CREEPY THINGS.

There’s a lot in this book that I thought was WRONG but am willing to bet that someone with more knowledge or a different perspective could argue that that’s the way life really is and how people do act and I’m just seeing it too strongly through my own eyes. But if you are a woman who has been made vulnerable and been hurt by a man, extending trust to a man is going to be kinda hard. When an author goes to pains to show you how hard it is to win said woman’s trust and how many things said woman has built into her life in order to be functional, I refuse. REFUSE as a woman to believe that she’s going to notice the hero doing something creepy and not be like NO. You are not allowed to do these things around me. Other women may not have a problem or may even find it attractive that you track them down at work on a Saturday when no one else is around, but I find it AWFUL AND SICKENING AND YOU CANNOT DO IT.

If I am screaming at the hero because I have developed flinches FOR the heroine, but she is all yay happy, that alone is enough to make me pissed. Fuckingaiosjjoivfwev. I knew I should have gone to sff books for a while. Mysteries maybe. My patience with romance is pretty fucking low.