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September 2022
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I played with a baby last night. I feel this is important. Obviously. Hes at that age where he’s a baby baby still, but he’s also super curious about the world around him and wanting to walk and SEE and do things. He’s just not quite there yet. He crawled all over me and drooled on me while his parents and AJ danced and then he passed out on me. We had a moment or two where he was like… I do not know you or your smell. Then he ate my shirt and I walked him around the floor a bit and we were ok. I held him for at least a good hour. My arms are a little tired today. Not bad, he’s a little guy, but I haven’t held a baby in forever. I’ve missed it. I still don’t want my own, because I have so much stuff I want to do before I consider giving my life over to raising a person. I still miss watching a baby notice things and interact and smile and frown and communicate with you despite the inability to speak. You can see and feel them processing the world around them SO fast. I’ve always loved being a part of that.

I saw the baby though cause I went to watch AJ dance. I think she thought I went to play with the baby, but I’ve always believed that babies should have their space respected even harder than adults because they can’t speak. I figured I’d meet baby, he’d be like… um don’t know you and I’d just be there to see AJ. I’ve heard about her dancing since I met her. I’ve gotta tell you, I don’t know if all dancing is so entertaining to watch, but this was entertaining. Picking out how different partners adjusted to each other and did or didn’t like each other, trying to see when a follow or a lead screwed up. Watching the different styles and the little kicks and twirls. I liked watching AJ dance. She’ll say she’s not one of the better follows that was there last night, but I thought she was pretty good. I really wanted to see her dance with some of the better leads more, because I could tell when she danced with some of the better ones, she was better too.

I had one of the guys there try and teach me for a song and half. It’s kinda freaking hard. Doesn’t help that I have no ability to keep my body to a rhythm.

So yeah. Last night was full. Even fuller cause I played with Bear and took AJ home when it became apparent that her bus was not coming and then came home and messed with Bear again and then Bear woke me up at 4am because he couldn’t sleep and then got pouty with me when I was grouchy with him but I finally finally got both of us to sleep and I dreamed about Cerebus. I don’t even know why or how and I didn’t wake up scared.