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September 2022
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So the blog suffered a bit when I upgraded wordpress, but it should be back to normal now. Let me know if it isn’t.


So y’all remember this right? Remember the growling when suddenly I stopped being able to make forward progress?


See that? That is the moment when I realized I was actually knitting backwards. I kept ripping and knitting and somehow I was making enough mistakes that the ripping was more than the knitting. So I talked to my friend Linda and she gave me permission to give up on it.

new potential

So I did.


And now I have this (this picture is a bit old, I’ll show you how far I’ve gotten tomorrow. Much progress has been made.)

Actually, that picture makes me pretty excited about how much progress I’ve made. Yesterday kinda sucked. I toasted my linux partition on my work computer and if I’d known better, just had that little more experience, I could have saved it. But instead I made it worse. My linux guru friend came over after his work day was over and spent a little while showing me what I should have done, backing up as much of my files as we could save and getting me started on the reinstall. New thing I learned? Don’t do kernel updates unless you absolutely must and when you do, make sure you know how to boot from the grub command line and how to edit the grub.conf file. Thankfully the W1ndows partition (it has other people’s work on it) was safe. Oh and make sure you have a boot disk. Oh and if you decide to make banana nut bread, make sure you have eggs first.