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August 2022
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pictures and stories

So I have no pictures, because I was trying very hard to take pictures of some spindle spinning I’ve been doing. I was inspired by the Spun Stitches blog/KAL/SAL(?). I’ve loved watching the different people spin (in some cases learn to spin) on different spindles and wheels. Now, I know the last two scarves have both been knit from handspun, but I have this tiny light spindle and I have this unknown breed soft sproingy easily drafted white roving that I bought on ebay because the deal was just that good. So this weekend I’m bound and determined to make a lightbox and find a tripod and take some good pictures so I can share my spinning. It’s also been perfect for those moments when I need a break from the haruha scarf and I want to watch Bear play on his computer.

The other thing I’ve been up to lately that I want to share is listening to podcasts. Now, I’ve tried books on tape and generally it’s a failure because speech is just too slow. I can read oh so much faster. And I tried listening to Brenda Dayne’s Cast On podcast a long while back, but it just didn’t click. Well, except for Franklin Habit’s (this is a link to his blog, since his essays are scattered in a few of the Cast On podcasts) guest essays. I love love love those. Then the other day I was visiting Knitpicks because I needed some new needles and I saw they have a podcast now. And, on a whim, I listened to the first one. And I loved it. So I went back and tried Cast On again. I couldn’t figure out what it is about the Knitpicks podcast that I enjoyed so much that isn’t quite the same in Cast On. I love Brenda Dayne’s voice. I’m not sooo crazy about the music, but it isn’t bad music at all.

Then when I was looking forward to hearing about her sweater that it hit me. Knitpicks is all about someone telling you about themselves or their experiences and Brenda has a regular feature where she tells you about her adventure in making one of her sweaters. It’s her experience. Her story. And I love hearing those snippets. And gradually, I’ve just started to get used to her style and I’ve been enjoying the whole podcast and not skipping pieces like I was before. But I think it’s funny. What I love about podcasts is the same thing I love about blogs. I don’t mind downloading a podcast anymore than I mind visiting someone’s blog. I want to hear their stories, be it knitting stories or life stories. Their adventures. I mind tends to wander otherwise. Blogs are a little different, because somehow, to me, I’m more willing to read something than hear it.

But this has me thinking about my blog. Sometimes I think I achieve little stories, but I’m thinking most of the time I fall short. So in addition to trying to be less lazy about taking pictures, I’m going to try to figure out what I can do to create what I love. Stories.