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December 2022
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First attempt

Basically the tomato plants are going to dominate the blog for a while. So I got anxious and did a maybe bad thing. I planted the tomato plants. Knowing that like… every one of them was going to have to be moved. But not far and I knew I could keep the roots steady.

So I planted them. In the far left is number 89. 89 is a black tomato plant, specifically a Black Prince. Description is on the page linked, but that’s not where I bought it from. In the bottom middle is number 54, a Siberian. Directly behind it, hidden, is #12, a Bradley. Finally, on the right, #82, Mister Stripey or Tigerella. The size differential on the two descriptions worries me. I tried this time to make sure that all of my plants would be ok in planters, so determinates and semi-determinates and the Black Prince and Siberian are supposed to be ok in cooler climates. Considering the temperature today at 6pm:

I’m thinking that was probably a good idea.

  • linda

    i’d be too impatient to wait for them to grow!

  • emmy

    Yeah. This is why there are a million pictures and I drag Bear outside a million times a day. I am impatient.