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September 2022
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Yay sock yarn.

Finished!!! I’m so excited. All the red superwash is spun up into 600+ (one skein is just around 300 and the other is slightly bigger, but I got distracted by the phone and Bear while I was winding it) yards of what I think will turn out to be between fingering and sport weight, but one skein was resting on the niddy noddy and the other was resting in it’s bath last night and I couldn’t get a wpi just yet.

three plies

Here are the bobbins holding the singles.

first bobbin of 3 ply

Then here’s the first bobbin plied up.

Bobbin 2 with skein1 on nn

Then here’s the first skein moved to the niddy noddy and the second skein on the bobbin.

skein 1 in wash

And finally here’s the first skein bleeding in the wash. It only bled progressively less on each dunk in the water. By the second rinse after the shampoo the water was clear.

But I did notice a few things while I was doing this. First, I thought I was plying tightly. Not extremely, but were all plies were nicely squished together before I let the yarn feed onto the bobbin. But then when I wound the skeins, I noticed that the angle of the plies was already much (greater/less?) like all the twist had gone out. Then when I washed them I looked pretty carefully and yeah, it lost a lot of the twist I had put into the plies. It’s not underplied at all. It’s just that I planned these for socks, so instead of getting a nice tight ply, they came out kinda… perfect? Which is strange to say, but it really does look like the yarn decided I was putting too much twist in and let out just enough so that the yarn looks very nice. And on BOTH skeins. I feel like I should be grateful. The yarn could have come out all wirey and overplied or loose and underplied, but I’m kinda confused. Was it because we were having some incredibly damp weather? Are you supposed to account for the yarn loosing some twist after you take it off the bobbin? Was I just high on having made decent yarn and I didn’t realize I wasn’t plying nearly as tightly as I thought I was? I don’t know.

The second thing is much less troubling. It has to do with washing skeins. I tie the skeins while they are on the niddy noddy in four places. Then I stick it in the water. I swish lightly, let it rest for a long while. Come back, take it out, dump the water (usually a lot of dirt and stuff came out in that first soak), refill, add shampoo, swish a bit, add skein back, let it rest for a little while. Come back, take it out, dump the water, refill, add skein, swish a little, let it rest for a few minutes. Repeat for final rinse. Take skein out. Grab hanger. Loop skein on hanger like a necklace. Proceed to gently squeeze out water while hanger is hanging from nice convenient bar we have over our tub.  But I’ve noticed I get messy skeins after I wash them. I go to hang them up and there are loops of yarn hanging out from the skein and inside the skein yarn is loopy. Am I not tying the skeins in enough places? Not tightly enough? I dunno. I’d love to find out. Probably for the second skein I’ll add more ties to see if that does it.

Oh, a final weird thing with this skein? It sank. Right away, with no pushing on my part. Sank and stayed down. Superwash? Ohh… maybe that explains it.

  • linda

    i LOVE that color. LOVE.

  • admin

    Really? Strangely enough, while the shade is correct, what you can’t see is that some strands are darker and some are lighter, in some places you have three different colors “barber poling” or twisting around each other.

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