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February 2023
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A new beginning.

My first post. I’ll start this as I mean to go on: with pictures! I love reading blogs that have tons of pictures and information about knitting and spinning, so I’m going to try to provide that. I’m planning on getting married in the fall, so some of that might creep in a bit. Forgive me now please. I’ll try not to let it creep all over.

Grandmother's scarf Now for my first FO. I finished this scarf November ’05, just in time to mail it to my grandmother before Christmas. I don’t have the ball bands for the yarn I used, but it was Jaeger Chamonix. I’m linking to Knitter’s Review because the yarn is discontinued. I scored several balls in that purple/brown color and about ten in the cream. I’ve still got the cream in a bag that I keep under the bed in the guest room (all statsh must fit under the guest bed or my Bear gets a little cranky at the wool that starts to spread all over the house). I still haven’t found anything that would be worthy of the yarn.

In the photo the scarf’s not finished yet. I took that photo in October. It was the first thing I finished after I had knitting and purled all the blue cotton into a very large stockinette swatch. In hindsight I was a bit ambitious to start a cabled scarf (without a cable needle!) when all I had done was a few yards of knitting and purling back and forth, but my grandmother loves it and it has relatively few mistakes.

I started knitting back in August by buying a 7 dollar kit on sale from Target. It came with plastic size seven needles, a DVD that showed casting on, the knit and purl stitches and binding off, and a ball of blue cotton yarn. The DVD wasn’t shot very clearly, so I thought I might google a little to see if I could find a picture that was clear and I found amazing websites. I blame the current madness on the Yarn Harlot’s blog. The Dragon Mittens in particular. I desperately wanted to be able to make Dragon Mittens (not to actually make dragon mittens mind you, but to be able to).

Fast forward a year in which I did much knitting, but had no finished objects and my cousin requests a scarf as well. Unlike with my grandmother’s scarf, I took many pictures of my cousin’s before I mailed it off to her. These pictures were all taken in January of ’06.

scarf on a table scarf with flowers B modeling scarf

The last picture is my good friend, B, being a great sport and modeling the photo for me. It was a simple garter stitch scarf made with Knitpicks Elegance in Wild Rose, Oatmeal, and Coal.

And tomorrow I’ll take some pictures of knitting I did for my very own Bear. And then, spinning, my latest and greatest obsession. I think I’ll ignore the three pairs of socks I made and the lace shawl that I’m beginning to think I’ll never finish. The socks because while each little sock has a mate they must not be amicable because I’ve currently got three little lonely socks in my sock drawer and I cannot, for the life of me, find the pairs. The lace because it just makes me sad that as much as I LOVE looking at lace shawls, I cannot seem to knit them.

  • Cheryl

    Pictures! I’m a big fan of tons of pictures too! Looking forward to seeing your blog unfold!