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January 2023
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Inappropriate translates into boy as “should be repeated”

So I haven’t blogged here much. I’ve been working on my 101/1001 days project with Lin. I’ve also been babying/obsessing over/petting the tomato plants, enjoying the last of my days with AJ before she moves *sobs*, and spinning. I am spinning like a FIEND. I shall soon have photographic evidence. The weather here has been… not so happy and sunshiney. Tomorrow’s forecast includes a high of 58 and rain, so I’m still not all excited.

I also lost my nostepinne and that has me CRANKY. I keep wandering around the house muttering, “How’d I lose my stick? Where’s my stick?” Bear, fairly early on, decided that he was going to be inappropriate and randomly interjects with “I’ll give you a stick.” If you picture him with a leering grin on while he says it, you get his drift. I act appropriately and scowl at him which causes him to giggle and life at Chez Bear continues.

ALSO!! Tomorrow my mommy comes for a whole two week visit. This shall be fun. And horrid. And full of excitement. Oh joy. I am honestly looking forward to having her around. She’s my mommy, ya know?

  • linda

    yayyyy momm’s home.

    fyi, your text boxes for your comments are indented weird. maybe it’s just in IE

  • emmy

    No, I see it too. I don’t know. I’ll look into it though.