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September 2022
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Have I mentioned I’m crazy?

I’m tired y’all. My mommy’s visit has been good. We cleaned the fuck out of my house. Scrubbed to the last inch. Except the room she’s staying in actually. Bear kept coming home to something different every day. He kept freaking and telling her to stop and she just ignored him. She’s good at that. *rolls eyes* My mommy for you. She keeps talking about me having kids, but I learned from her, so I keep saying that I’m not having any and ignoring her. *grins*

Then last night I went to bed late because I was helping Bear with some data entry and then he couldn’t go to sleep. This morning I woke up and flipped out on him. I think that’s what happens when you’ve only had 4 hours of sleep? Mommy was half awake and thought we were leaving? So she threw on clothes and rushed out. Then she found out what why I was crying and started laughing hysterically at me. Apparently, it reminded her of when I was 4 or 5 and I would freak out that Carl was going to drown in the tiny creek by our house and would sit on him so he couldn’t run off. Not that I freaked out that Bear was going to drown. Just. I don’t know. It was 6 in the morning and I’d gone to sleep at 2. I worry about him with his weird sleeping patterns. So she made me lay back down and I drifted in and out of sleep for a while. So yes, I’m tired.

Whatever. Mom and I are working on our respective classwork and tomorrow or something we are going to play hookey to drive to a mecca of a yarn store that’s like a 2 hour drive from my house. Whoop for bonding time. I probably won’t end up buying anything, but Mom is super excited to go out there again.

Oh, just in case anyone was wondering, and I know, y’all are all at the edge of your seats wondering about my tomatoes, but they are doing fabulous. Even with the crappy weather we’ve been having. I have many pictures and will post some soon.

  • linda

    i’m sorry you freaked out hun