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August 2022
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Mommy and me: rock beach

Part 1.

So this trip was long but really good. In Bear’s words, “I think this was the best trip the two of you have had.” Yup. We fought, but never drew blood. We played. We cleaned. We slept. We cried (mom during a ridiculous movie and I already blogged about Bear bringing me to tears).  We had adventures. We planned. We played it by ear. We bonded. We were mother and daughter. We were best friends. We were sisters. We were women.

I feel like a part of me has healed that was broken. Considering that part has been broken for at least three years now, the relief is amazing. This isn’t to say we’ll never be broken again, but for now, for now we are golden. I have a ton of pictures, mostly from two days of the trip. The reason most of the pictures are from only two days? Because it rained. It rained for every day except 2 of the days mom was here. 2! TWO! days. *sighs*

But I’m gonna throw some pictures at you now. Because while I can give stories about going to the yarn store and two days of intense cleaning and all the work we did and we sold my books (!!! the dude gave us almost 400 in store credit! we promptly used some to buy books for the kids that we shipped back). We filed papers and shopped and squished aphids off the tomato plants. But, pictures are more interesting.

So first off, one day it dawned bright and shiny and I looked at mom and said “We aren’t going into the office. What did you want to do on a day off?” I was not surprised in the least when her answer was, “Drive up the coast and stop at beaches.” This is my mother we are talking about. Our first stop:

A rock beach at low tide. You see all those rocks? They are not as small as they look. You want to know how I know? Because we climbed them while trying to not fall in and soak our clothes considering we didn’t have any spares and it was only 10:30.

We ended up taking off our shoes because bare feet are better than flipflops on rocks.

You see those rocks? They look really easy to crawl over right? WRONG. Those are the death rocks. Carl would have been yelling at us to get off. Mom was going to fall and break her arm and die and I was going to have to yell for the construction men working on the house a couple hundred yards away. But no. She had to have her pictures of crabs (when you click the picture, the larger one doesn’t have my retarded drawing on it):

And weird things:

My mommy has pretty hands, but I wish she’d stop picking up random shit. Carl would totally have been backing me up here, but nooooooooo he had to work. He also would have kept her from dying on the rocks. WHY WASNT HE HERE?!?

Hermit crabs:

Bigger crabs:

Y’all, this is only 1 hr of this day. 1 hr. I got sunburned. The bottom of my jeans got wet. And mom did a lot of this:


We did a lot of passing the camera back and forth to reduce the amount of clambering back and forth on the rocks so that mom didn’t KILL HERSELF. You probably won’t be surprised when I tell you that she made it back to the car without a sunburn and with completely dry clothes. BUT I kept her from injuring herself and she got most of the pictures she wanted, so we’ll count that hour as a win.

It was an interesting start to the day. But we were out adventuring and driving around until 5:30, so there’s a lot more to come. The drive back was completely highway and we discussed homework. We are very good at cramming fun and work into a day.

(just in case you need the disclaimer: we had a blast even with me falling in the water and not getting the picture of the shrimp. Yes those two things are related.)