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August 2022
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apparently he hasn’t rubbed off on me enough

So I don’t usually make two posts in the same day, but Bear made me choke on water today. Actually choke. Like I could have drowned. I was telling Bear about how something just went. I don’t even remember now what it was that left or went or something and Bear goes, “Like boobs, it just went?” and he makes this pointing/thrusting motion with his pointer finger away from his chest.

Now to get how this made me choke, I have to tell you a story that Red told me about Beauty. You remember these two? They work with Bear. Now, at work one day, Beauty noticed that this girl’s nipples kept getting visibly hard. And she kept noticing that this girl wasn’t wearing a padded bra and it started to bother her. Finally, she griped to Red one day, that the girl’s nipples keep “going”. That they’ll be in a meeting and she’ll notice that sure enough, the girl’s nipples “went”.  This terminology bothered Red a lot, but not enough that she hasn’t made a million jokes.

I just asked Bear, he doesn’t remember what I was talking about either. Dammit. I have a feeling this isn’t as funny now. Well, so he asks if whatever it was “went” like boobs and makes the motion and I had just finished taking a big sip of water and I tried to laugh while I had the water in my mouth. This didn’t work. I ended up with water all over my shirt and my throat hurt from trying to avoid breathing water for a solid hour. Fun. I’m glad we were on the way home.