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January 2023
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But we’re all ok

So I dreamed I went back to my old highschool and there was some kind of catastrophe happening. And it was in Manhattan. I had driven down for a few days and I’d clearly been at the school the day before, but today some news was spreading and all the girls were freaking (all girls HS). At first I thought that it was the weather, it was super black and stormy outside. Then I heard some girls talking and someone was dead and apparently the rumors were that it was a serial killer.

I found some girls I knew, like from my class and a the classes ahead and behind mine and we were wandering around and gossiping and it was pretty clear we were all trying to keep from panicking. Except then a girl, Barbie, went missing and a lot of girls were leaving because they were freaking and then we couldn’t leave and we were walking around campus (not the actual campus were I went to HS, this was a dream campus that interestingly enough I know has been in other dreams). Then we were in a stairwell and Barbie is there. But she can move.

The two girls I’m with run off to get help and I keep the moving dead girl trapped in a closet thingy and I’m freaking out all alone. Then a girl that I know is alive, I’ll call her Prissy, shows up and we are freaking together when help shows up and suddenly Prissy falls down and is dead and then she starts moving like Barbie in the closet and it hits me that girls at my school are spontaneously turning into zombies. That’s when I woke up. Zombie catholic school girl dreams. Haven’t had something like that in a while.

Today I was walking back to the lab from the student center and this guy was talking to two girls and as I walk past I hear this:

Girl 1: “What for?”
Guy: “For possession of cocaine and esctasy”
Girl 2: “oh.”
Guy: “But I turned out ok.”

Maybe it’s just where my head is, but my assumption is that he’s talking about either his mom or dad going to jail for possession. He’s ok despite them. Or he’s a dick and he went to jail for possession, and he’s telling two girls that he’s ok despite that. I like the first take better.