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January 2023
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maybe braces would make the lasers go ching ching

I had a meeting this morning so Bear had to wake up an hour earlier than usual and it’s been warm here and I won’t let him put in the ACs, so he’s not been able to sleep early because it’s been kinda warm. So. Bear was a little tired when he got up.

But he did and got dressed and got into the car and told me he wanted to take a nap and I said that was fine.

About 10 minutes later:

“There are lasers coming out of my teeth and shooting. Ching Ching Ching.”

Considering it’d been quiet except for his jpop playing pretty softly I was pretty zoned out. “There are fireballs coming out of your teeth??”

“Lasers. But that’s ok. It doesn’t matter anyways. Keeping thinking I’m sane so I can believe you.”

“Nononono. LASERS????”

“Yeah. Ching ching ching ching.”

I dissolved in giggles. It was very hard driving.

Bear opened his eyes and looked at me. “And when you crash the car I can use the lasers to cut out us. They’ll come with the jaw of life and they’ll see the lights and the car’ll fall apart in pieces.”

“YOU ARE CUTTING US OUT OF THE WRECKED CAR WITH YOUR TEETH!?!?!?” I was CRYING with the laughter at this point.

“With the lasers from my teeth. Ching ching ching ching.” I think at this point he figured out it was him making ching ching noises to signify the lasers COMING OUT OF HIS TEETH that was absolutely destroying my ability to function.

Satisfied, Bear sat back and closed his eyes again. We were almost to his office anyways.