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September 2022
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Rainbows and puppies and kittens

OMG. Let me preface this with the fact that I am not pregnant and as yet have no plans to adopt, foster or become pregnant.

Bear randomly IMed me today to tell me that he has worked out our kid(s) curriculum. Because education in America is sadly lacking. By the time our kid(s) is(are) 9 or 10 they should have a solid high school level education with the things that most school systems don’t include like rhetoric and the arts. There’s three prongs to this plan: 1) reading, writing, rhetoric 2) arts, music and sports and 3) math, science and engineering. My telling him that we’ll both have fulltime jobs and that I have no history of ever teaching or being good at rhetoric or physics were scoffed at.

He is totally thinking this through and somehow foresees no child of his being able to get around him:

Bear: the hard part is getting all the knowledge in
Bear: without ruining the wonder of a child
Emmy: we are going to have to limit the time in front of the tv and computer
Bear: i can probably plan out exactly what they will watch
Bear: and have access to on the computer
Bear: for an extended period of time
Bear: if you think china has a good firewall…

Lemme tell you, I would feel sorry for our kids, except that I’m probably going to be a hardass in a lot of aspects. Bear will probably be the favored parent for all his grandiose ideas. God willing our kids will make us feel like mental midgets and we’ll be so preoccupied with keeping up that all of this will be moot.

Well… assuming we EVER decide to have any. Or even CAN. How does he suck me into these mental daydreams of his?!?

  • linda

    you guys make me smile

  • emmy

    I smile at our ridiculousness too. ;D