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January 2023
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My eyes hurt. I hate when Bear works himself up so badly because he’s worried about work or is trying to pretend morning isn’t coming that he can’t sleep and so I can’t sleep because I can practically feel his mind turning. Sometimes after that happens I can’t sleep even after he’s passed out. I think I was up until 5? I clearly remember looking up while Bear was snoring and thinking “shit. That’s sunrise.” So yeah. I don’t want to work because it hurts looking at the computer.

Yesterday Bear found me an anime to watch that I’m actually really enjoying (called Lovely Complex if you care). I took a break and went upstairs and was bouncing at him telling him how much I was liking it and he goes “I’m so glad I can tell when you like something.” I stopped dead and scoffed. “Yeah because I was making it so hard on you.” My excitement was cracking him up. I am not a subtle person. He has nothing to worry about.

It’s always weird to me when I get better after I was sick because I never feel sick when I am. But then later I’ll be doing stuff that I just couldn’t be bothered with before because duh, not feeling well. I’m always surprised at myself. I don’t know why I’d rather think of myself as being lazy than just be aware that I’ve got the flu and that’s going to influence my energy levels. I think Bear is finally kicking it off because this weekend there wasn’t any complaints about him “getting sick again, really this isn’t the same thing Em. It smells different.” I tried very hard to explain to him how even after the fever and the worst of the congestion is gone, I still had shit in my lungs too, but Bear loves to win the my-sob-story-trumps-yours game. I’ve got to break him of that before he teaches that to any future/possible offspring.

I have a ripening tomato. On Mr. Stripey. And it’s not as big as some of the other green tomatoes and I don’t know what’s up with that.

I’m pretty boring. It was really hot this weekend so Bear and I spent most of it sweaty and gross. I shouldn’t blog when I’m tired.