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February 2023
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When I woke up this morning, the world looked like this:

snowy morning street

I love living in New England. I used to live in Texas, and while I knew that there were places with snow and falling leaves and beautiful flowers, I’d never realized what it meant to live somewhere where the weather dictated your life. In Texas, we have summer and not summer. We do get flowers at the very beginning of summer (March/April/May), but I have a feeling it’s more the work of man than nature.

sock on fresh snow

I hadn’t realized how much I had missed snowy days like this. My fiance and I have plans to eventually move back south to be closer to our families, but my heart will ache for New England and scenes like the one from this morning every day that I’m gone from here.

sock with handspun

I took this picture on Saturday, and it really makes the pictures from this morning look dark.

It was overcast, but I probably could have fixed it if I hadn’t been in such a hurry. The Bear and I woke up late and it turned out that both of our bosses had emails waiting in our inboxes. Not a great start to a week, especially with a midterm tomorrow (I guess today already).

The sock is cursed. I know it doesn’t look like it. It’s lying there in both pictures so innocently. But it really is. I’ve tried making a sock with that yarn only 5 times before this and every time I’ve had to rip it out and start over. The first two times were because I was trying a top down sock and I’ve realized that I can measure my foot a million times, but just because the measuring tape SAYS 10 inches long from toe to heel and SAYS 9 inches around the ball of my foot, I cannot KNIT a sock that fits those dimensions without trying it on. Nevermind that I seem to misplace one of the two socks for every pair I’ve knit for myself, if they don’t fit when I’m done, then I won’t care about finding them much. The other three times? I don’t know. I don’t like short row heels apparently either. That makes one. I failed miserably on the first attempt at toe up heel flap. Then I thought to try making the toe up Jaywalker to keep me from going insane trying to knit this yarn and somehow I ended up with a very pointed toe and heel. So now I’m on the 6th attempt. You’ll notice the toes are not pointed, much like my actual toes. This pleases me to no end. I’ve only shoved it in Bear’s face about twenty times going, “See? It’s round. Round like my toes. I have a toe!”

The handspun? That’s just a tease. I need something to talk about later!

Now, the just finished hat and scarf for Bear that I am so very very proud of:

bear's hat and scarf

What that picture doesn’t show you is that the scarf is 8 feet long and the hat stretches to fit a 25 inch head that has about 2 inches of very puffy hair at the moment. How a guy makes it into his twenties with a loathing of going to get haircuts is beyond me. Lets see another picture of the scarf:

Bear's scarf

I did something strange to the camera when I was taking this picture, but you can see the cables pretty well. 8. feet. long.

And did you notice that it’s remarkbly similar to my grandmother’s scarf? Why yes, it’s the exact same pattern. So really, I spent months and months and months knitting these cables over and over and over and over… About midway through the black version I could do the cables in the dark. The hat I managed to finish over the span of a week and now I desperately want a hat for myself, but not like that one. I don’t think I could handle doing it again.

One last look:

Second look

The black looks blacker in that picture to me.

I’ve been thinking too about how often I’ll post on here. I’m thinking probably two to three times a week. I’m a grad student with classes and work, so I don’t have much time for daytime pictures. So the weekend pictures will have to get spread out and I just can’t knit and spin fast enough to get enough content for more than two or three posts a week. But I’m looking forward to trying :-)

As soon as I get a picture of the wheel and figure out the macro setting on my camera, I’m doing a post about the spinning.

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