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February 2023
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In other words

So last night Bear put on a movie for us to watch together that he got. It was pretty amazing. It’s a film noir style film, but not black and white or old. I don’t want to say too much. It has Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it and I kept being struck by how much he looks like a really young Heath Ledger while I was watching it. I really really think everyone should see it. It’s called Brick and it’s written and directed by Rian Johnson. Which I think is a cool way to spell Rian. Maybe a little pretentious, but whatever. I’m even more excited to see Brothers Bloom now. So afterwards I’m ready to get up and get some work done and check my email and my normal evening routine. I know Bear is exhausted too, so I’m surprised when he says, “That’s not the only movie I got. Come look.” So I walk back to him and he sit with me just for a little bit. So he scoots over and I sit down and snuggle into him a bit. He says “Look I got Enchanted.” I was kind of confused, because Enchanted? Isn’t that that Disney movie that I think I’ve seen most of at least twice?

So I’m like “Bear, Bear? Why did you get Enchanted? We don’t have to watch this. I’ve seen it like twice I think.” He ignored me in Bear fashion and I was distracted by the TV anyways because Enchanted is RIDICULOUS in it’s powers to make me laugh like a hyena. So then Bear says “You laughed so hard when you watched it the last time.” I was like, are you WATCHING this? And then I practically climbed him in hysteria and embarrassment at the crap going on with the characters and he continues “I haven’t seen you laugh so hard at a movie in a really long time.”

So basically Bear got two movies, one of which he’d already seen and the other that he has no interest in seeing just because the first one he thought would wow me and the other because he knew it made me laugh like I rarely laugh. Here’s the kicker though. He watched every bit that I watched with me. I seriously don’t know what to do with him. My heart has been hurting since. I would move three thousand miles all over again to be with him. I would spend thousands of dollars all over again to talk to him. I would go through every bit of family crap all over again. I would marry him all over again. I probably will spend many many years crying and screaming and laughing because of him. I’m pretty good with that. As long as I still have him.

  • linda

    this is the sweetest thing :(

    i want a dude who notices what makes me laugh real hard..

  • emmy

    I want that too. I would give Bear to you if I didn’t think y’all would kill each other pretty quick.