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January 2023
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Instead of sheep

Yesterday I was all set to be mopey and sad and weepy. The morning just. kept. getting. worse. In the littlest ways too. Needing to write two problems after I finally turned in solutions. Getting a slightly rude email asking me to provide said solutions after they had already gone up on the website. Running over to … did I give my advisor a name? Lee. I ran over to Lee’s office a few times. Sunday hadn’t sucked because Bear is a lovely lovely man, but I was doing solutions for most of it and so Monday was sucking pretty hard around 2pm.

Then … have I given Lee’s friend a name? Queen. Queen comes over. She ALWAYS livens up the place. I’m giving her the name Queen not because she’s stuffy or regal, but because she just owns spaces when she walks into them. She’s incredibly vivacious. She reminds me of Alison, a friend of my aunt’s, that my whole family just adores. Which for my family is unique. Then the person who sent the slightly rude email crossed my path as I was heading to the bathroom and was sweet and apologized. Then Bear and I head home to a present, a nice big check (for the house, but the fact that it’s bigger than we expected means that we have a little bit of money left over for groceries and moving and setting up house when we finally get it), and a card. Bear and I were so flipping happy and grateful and it was just amazing. Then I talk to Linda and AJ and both of them have had nice turn arounds with certain aspects of their lives as well and it just was a really really good feeling.

THEN THIS MORNING I GOT NEWS THAT MONARCH HAS BEEN BORN IN THE WEE WEE HOURS OF THIS MORNING!!!!!!! (I’ve been staring at her pictures for a while. I want a baby now. This feeling better go away fast.) SHE IS THE PRETTIEST PRETTIEST LITTLE GIRL.

So. Instead of being sad and mopey and upset, I think instead I should be counting my blessings. Before this Christmas, despite the hard year that everyone seems to be having, our blessings are plentiful and huge and lovely and omgpleasegetridofthisdesireforababyplease.