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January 2023
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Never wanted to draw outside the lines more

Bear took a long thin splinter out of my finger last night while we finally watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics. This is amazing because we haven’t had cable to a TV that we can sit down and watch since… the 13th? Nope. Before that. Probably around the 9th before we shoved the couches and coffee table together to make more room. Not that it’s a huge deal, we don’t watch much TV. It just signaled a return to some level of normality. We’ve been scrubbing and washing and packing or unpacking for so long now that I’m losing my mind. I lost my wallet at some point in there. I also found my wallet. I go to bed and wake up a little confused. Our bedroom doesn’t even have the furniture that I’m accustomed to in it. We decided in some kind of brilliant/stupid epiphany to split up our bedroom set between the two guest bedrooms and to upgrade ourselves to a king sized bed. When we can afford it. Which won’t be for a little bit. So our bedroom is barren. Except for the boxes.

Owning a home is weird. It’s not just that you have this space. It’s that no one else knows how your radiators work. We are really lucky n that we have this one awesome neighbor that we’ve met and she tried to help us. Our bedroom and Bear’s office are still freezing though. We bought an electric heater for the bedroom and Bear’s going to set up his computer for his office.

If that statement right there doesn’t hang you up, let me repeat it. Bear’s going to set up his computer for his office. As in, he has not YET set up his computer. I’ve had moments where I’m worried the world is going to end (I think it has to do with the stress? It’s a creepy ass feeling.) and Bear not rushing to set up his computer is one of the things that causes that feeling. We did buy a few more plants which makes me feel better. My amaryllis and orchid have been combatting the world-ending feeling. I find it strange, but I’m grateful all the same. Now I have this funny looking succulent that I found on sale and Bear has a money tree and a juniper. The money tree was also on sale, which tickles me. The succulent isn’t aloe or agave or any of the ones that I recognized, but it was very pretty to me. I’ll take pictures tomorrow.

We’ve been moving into our house. I’ve been only sporadically online and then only for specific reasons. Washing dishes and clothes and unpacking boxes and moving furniture around and washing drawers and cabinets and shelves has been a bigger job than I ever thought it would be. Bear’s been amazingly sweet. He’s also been jittery and very sleepy which is a bad combination. I do have to say, I couldn’t move without him. I remember moving into my dorm the first year of undergrad and how awful that felt even with Mom and Carl keeping me company for as long as they could. I just wish Bear would stop looking at furniture on craigslist. I’d rather put our clothes on the floor than look at another piece of wood or glass or metal that we don’t already own.

I’m really really not even joking.

  • linda

    can’t wait to see what you do to this home…


    and i hear you on the losing the wallet and finding it.
    i realized i can’t even buy gas without having to withdraw cash right now.

  • emmy

    I can’t wait until you get here and tell me what you think of this home. Also hopefully you have ideas with what to do with it.

    Do y’all have the gas stations that charge less when you pay with cash? It might be a goodthing that you end up having to do that. I’m too lazy.