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February 2023
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a little won’t fly

Tomorrow, I absolutely swear I’m going to post pictures. Because we have a seriously overgrown, weeded to hell and back messy acre of land. Thankfully only about half that acre needs to be groomed and thankfully again the front half looks ok on the surface. We’ve got a triage system going. Plants need to come away from the house first (bugs and wetness get into the house when you let the plants grow big enough to touch it).

We need compost/well rotted manure and mulch. Instead of mulching the beds, the previous owners let this green crap grow everwhere. (Just looked it up, it’s called Pachysandra.) I’m not fond of it and it’s not like they grew it up and had it well maintained. That I would just be like, eh, difference in taste. Nope. Just like the other problems we have with the house (not as in, oh man, this is something we don’t like, it’s as in, oh shit if we don’t fix this we are going to have problems). We have decided, early owners of the house = WIN. Owners just previous to us = pretty much sucked. We’ve even met one of them and I’m sure they are very nice people. Didn’t mean they took good care of the house or the grounds. I spent well over 6 hours (from 10am to about 4pm) on Saturday working every muscle in my body trying to reclaim ONE BED. ONE. And I haven’t even pruned the trees or added mulch or anything. I would have worked longer, but I didn’t put on sunscreen and I didn’t have a hat and I wore the bad headphones and so by 4pm I had a migraine. Actually I went out even after 4pm. (Bear cooked us some food around then and I went in and drank about 4 glasses of water.) So more like 7 hours. The yucca plants are dying from being strangled (Nevermind that I’m really not sure what the three random, sad little yuccas are doing there). The peony plants were invisible because they were completely hidden. The bushes are all overgrown and hideous looking. Someone had at least kept the worst of it away from the tulips and daffodils.

In happier landscape news, the magnolia tree is blooming and we have 50 million birds landing on it on their way to the bird feeder. We’ve got gold and black and white and black birds (finches?) and blackbirds and cardinals and blue jays and sparrows and last week we even had crows, which actually didn’t make me so happy. But lots of birds and a beautiful little tree with white blooms on it. Tomorrow I will have pictures of all of it. (Sadly, I don’t think I have a before of the bed, but I’ll show the “in the middle” picture.)

Oh. I also started some seeds. I forgot about that part.

Despite the bitching, it was an awesome weekend.