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January 2023
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we could be something

I’m actually only going to post pictures of some of the pretties today. The star magnolia tree, the daffodils, and the hyacinths. I’ll post the stuff that makes me grumpy tomorrow to split up the long posts of nothing but pictures. I love the progression of spring in the plants around here.

11 days ago (March 26th)

Linda mentioned that these look creepy. They are hyacinths and do look creepy here, but they are gorgeous when they bloom (see the bottom of the post).

(More hyacinths, pink this time and somehow the pink seems even weirder to me. I wish I had gotten pictures right when they came out of the ground. My mom was all “You have aliens hatching next to your mailbox.”)

4 days ago

The daffodils actually look the same, so I’m saving the space. This is a long post.


Sadly, the magnolia tree looks like it’s going to stall out here. Bear and I suspect that it’s overgrown (like everything) and thus isn’t healthy enough to produce more blooms.

The daffodils are still going strong and look very similar to the first day except that the batch is bigger. The whole block’s daffodils have bloomed actually.

(Beautiful, right?)

  • linda

    the hyaniths get the ugly duckling award
    or the creepy duckling award

    and i love the star magnolias

  • emmy

    I kinda love that the hyacinths start off so creepy. It makes them special. And honestly, the only plant that makes me think wow you are just so gorgeous before its bloomed are the tulips. Their leaves come up all wavy and this super soft green and I’m just like, jeepers, win me over from the get go why don’t you.

    The star magnolia makes me kinda sad though because I know some trees just DRIP with flowers and ours… has a delicate selection. Hopefully we’ll trim it back and next spring will be mild too and it’ll bloom like CRAZY.