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February 2023
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these things take forever

I got a present from my mommy. When she came up to visit me. Well she was here for a month, so I shouldn’t be surprised that she saw me drooling over other wheels. So anyways, my plan was to get it for my birthday. That gave me time to save up and then Bear and I could get it. She’s not the most pricey wheel, but she wasn’t cheap by any stretch. But mom and I went to go try out some wheels because I wanted to make sure I liked her and I just… I loved her. So mom gave me the money and now I’ve got her.

Isn’t she beeeeeautiful? There was debate over whether she should be in the clear wood or the walnut. I think the walnut was a good choice.

I started spinning on her on Saturday morning. She came on Friday and I got her put together. Then I cleaned up. Then I started oiling her. And oiling her. And oiling her. And after oiling her some more, she started gliding along. I was so excited to not only have her, but to have her just making her “shh shh shh” sound as she worked.

I spun up a little over 2 oz of this over the weekend. The picture is a little hard to take because of all the silk in there. I couldn’t use the flash and even without the flash, the shininess of the silk takes over a bit. There’s pinky red and plum colored merino and white silk. I think it’s a 50/50 split between the merino and silk. I popped The Big Bang Theory into the dvd player (Bear has never seen it and I’ve only seen a few episodes). We watched all of season 1 and about half of season 2. I just kept spinning.

Bear was kinda cute. He’d never seen the show before and it was a treat for him. I think I upset him when I said he’s kinda like Sheldon though. But he IS. Sheldon’s my favorite too. I’m not saying he IS Sheldon. Bear is balanced and a real human being and not a collection of ticks collected together and stitched for a sitcom. But Bear does share some very adorable similarities.

(Linda, the title is from “First day of my life” by Bright Eyes. Super super sweet song, but probably not for you.)

  • Linda

    what is big bang theory?
    and tell me about sheldon?

    and i love hobbies :) so glad you connected with spinning and knitting

  • emmy

    I’m usually glad too, but omg my ass/hips hurt. Stupid me. I should know better. I swear I actually spun for over 10 hours spread out over the weekend.

    Um. The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom about these two physicists (Sheldon and Leonard) who are roommates and their two friends at what I think is supposed to be CalTech. Sheldon is beyond geeky. Leonard is a brilliant geek, but he’s a normal guy. Just an egghead. Sheldon’s a genius who knows he’s a genius and doesn’t quite understand normal people. He has a million quirks that are made fun of in the show. He eats the same things at the same places on certain days and has his routine that can’t change and doesn’t drive and has his special seat. He’s very OCD. Part of the humor of the show is that in the apartment across the hall from them moves in this blonde from Nebraska. She’s … like my baby cousin. Leonard thinks she’s gorgeous. Sheldon thinks that talking to her is like talking to a chimpanzee.

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