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January 2023
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Fudge ecstasy

I cannot spell that word. I don’t even know why, but for some reason I cannot spell ecstasy. I couldn’t even get it close enough to google or spell check it. But I think finally it is correct.

So this weekend (I know it’s Thursday already. This week has been hectic and fast. Last week was super busy and slow. You can never predict these things. Kinda like the weather up here in Boston.) Right. So this weekend, I made these things called fudge ecstasies. They were named appropriately. All the cookies are gone now. Granted the batter was limited to the size of a sauce pan

Because part of what makes these cookies so fabuluous is that they are mostly melted chocolate. 2 oz of unsweetened chocolate. I got a bar of 100% cocoa or cacao… I can’t remember, but it should be the same? no? I dunno. They were damn good cookies. 12 oz of semi-sweet chips. Half go into the melting pot with the 2 oz and the 2 tbs of butter. After it’s all mixed and wet, then you take it off the heat, add in some other stuff and use a mixer to finish it off. Then you add in chopped nuts and the rest of the semi-sweet chips and make cookies.

The cookies bake until the surface is dull and crackled. (I didn’t do so well the first time around and they were a little raw. You really should go by the surface being dull and crackled.) But the cookies are rich and satisfying and small and perfect and very easy to make.

The reason I didn’t do so well though was that thing you see in the picture. Says, “made in France”? It’s called a silpat. It is wonderful. The bottoms didn’t burn. The cookies came really easily off it (needed to use a spatula though because I took them off while still warm). Honestly. I have one baking sheet (it’s flipped upside down under the silpat) and it burns the bottoms of stuff. Not to mention Bear likes to use it for meat products and piss me off, but still. The silpat made perfect cookies.

Just add a few minutes to the recommended baking time.