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February 2023
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lesson learned: follow directions

So this week I’m kinda swamped, so I’m sharing a little catastrophe from last week. It was still eaten and tasted ok, but what should have taken maybe 15 minutes, took over an hour.

I decided to make puppy chow (people version. google it. there’s like a million recipes on the internet, but it’s all the same thing). We had a girl in HS who gave big tubs of it as birthday presents, but I hadn’t had it since then.

The idea is you take chocolate, peanut butter, butter and you melt it, then take chex and put it in a big bowl, pour the chocolate over the chex, mix. Then dump in a large bag with powdered sugar and shake until all the little pieces are well coated. I was having a shitty day (last week was rough too. I’m hoping that after Monday I’ll feel much better.) and when I realized I’d forgotten to ask for a paper bag or to buy very large plastic bags despite having gone to the grocery store twice that day I thought I’d make due. I mean, I have a large pot and that should work, right?

Ummm… no. First bad idea was to skip the pouring of chocolate over the chex in a clean bowl… Then adding to that (I could have recovered at this point probably) I dumped in powdered sugar… which meant I had a glommy ugly mess and my arms were falling off from shaking a pot.

So I dumped the contents in a large flat tupperware container I have.

This is what was on the bottom of the pot. Sometimes my determination and impatience bites me on the ass.

This is the contents of the tupperware when I finally realized nothing was going to save this and I took it to school and let the guys eat it.

The end.

  • linda


    i tried telling you. but i like that u didn’t listen :)