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January 2023
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“More pylons required” lacks flair

Last week Bear and I were basking in the glow of having actually improved our house and having hired a really great person to take on that improvement. At one point I said to Bear, “Upgrade complete!” and he didn’t say anything but I figured oh well. Then later that night we were laying in bed and he said something again about how great it was to have this done and I again (because it’s all I can think) repeat “Upgrade Complete!” This time he either hears me or gets it because he cracks up. Then we have a discussion about how SC/SC2 applies to real life before falling asleep.

A birthday party with 15 kids and 1 adult: “Spawn more overlords.”

Right after we had that “Upgrade Complete” notification we got the “Mineral field depleted.” message.

Now we want to upgrade the gutters: “Need more minerals.”

When we are hungry and the fridge only has mayo? “More Vespene gas is required.”

Bear commented that his company seems to keep getting the “Spawn more Overlords.” notification despite the fact that their army is weak.

The next time my little cousins attack me en masse? “Your base is under attack.”

Instead of saying, “Ready to go.” it should be “In the rear with the gear.”

My favorite Bear conversations always tend to be as we are laying in bed falling asleep or when we are waking up and getting ready to go in the morning.

  • Linda

    this whole post is great set up for “that’s what she said.”

    “In the rear with the gear.” THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

  • emmy

    Your mind is always in the gutter. *sighs* Now I can’t read those lines in the same way.