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January 2023
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such a pickle

Things I (re)learned while I was home.

  • Bear is a water baby.
  • Letting my Grandma drive is like letting an angry monkey drive.
  • My cousin…damn. I need a cheat sheet for these people’s nicknames… Priss is DAMN good at scrabble.
  • Bear has a bizarre ability to handle my aunt.
  • The Hindu Temple is totally worth another visit.
  • Its always good to see where you came from
  • It’s good for Bear to see where I came from
  • Short trips are awesome and painful
  • Bear should NEVER sit in the window seat.
  • If I have to fly, I’d rather go with Bear than anyone else, even though he’s a total bitch about flying. (see the previous bullet)
  • I somehow can knit lace on a plane with Bear squishing one of my arms but I cannot when I have adequate lighting and room at my aunt’s house.
  • It’s good for my family to get Bear’s and my perspective since it’s a little removed.
  • Sometimes my family actually is right and there’s nothing to say or be done.
  • My family’s home really IS Howl’s Moving Castle
  • I could stand to hang out with my brother a lot more often. He’s a pain, but he’s a good pain.
  • There is a mythical mexican restaurant in Houston, TX. It has a large parking lot to the right side adn back and I remember it having a lot of white walls or being VERY bright. There is probably a fountain inside the restaurant. We think it has an Alma? in the name or sounds like that? It is somewhere near TC Jester. Bear, Carl and I apparently had a shared hallucination because we COULD NOT find the restaurant again. Despite 2 hrs of driving all over town.
  • Bear gets CRANKY when he’s hungry and he’s bored.
  • Carl gets CRANKY when he’s bored.
  • Sometimes it’s not the plane, it’s the kids.
  • Bear has a guardian angel. (S)He just doesn’t make sure he gets aisle seats.
  • Kosher pickles are taking over the grocery stores in the states. I cannot find a plain whole dill pickle to save my fucking life.