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January 2023
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how could you be so cold?

Sooooo it’s November. A month I look forward too all year long. This year I’ve got family coming to visit for Thanksgiving, we are in a new house with a crappy stove and we’ve got leaves to rake and work to be done. You would think that would mean that the shoddy blogging that has been happening the last two months would continue. That maybe my sanity would necessitate it. Well, maybe, except that would mean we aren’t accounting for Linda. Which we always do. Always.

INSTEAD! I’m blogging every day this month (minus Sundays). Because it’s me, I’m imposing some structure. It might get thrown out. Mondays (as in today) will be Music Mondays. Wednesdays will be photo posts (wordless). Thursdays will be Thankful (in cahoots with Linda). I hate the cutesy alliteration so I might stick with my normal lyric titles. Tuesday, Friday and Saturday will be freestyle.

There are five Mondays in November and I refuse to pick all the music for them now, so I’m not sure if they will all be my favorite songs ever or what. But for today, because Bear and I had a conversation about it on the way in:

Bear probably would have preferred the music be Linkin Park’s new single. He thinks they are actually very talented. But despite the fact that I think the new single is better than anything else I’ve heard from them, they still aren’t for me.
But hey, I’ll throw them up here too. Maybe it’ll appeal to someone else.

(Linda it’s COLD today. So I pulled that line from Heartless. :))

  • linda

    we have the fray in common? really?

    and yayyy a blog post everyday!

  • emmy

    We have some bands in common. The Fray isn’t the first one. Airborne Toxic Event comes to mind as well.

  • Linda

    you hate cheesy alliterations and I LOVE THEM.

  • mef

    Yes. Somehow it worked out in your favor! What are we gonna do on Thursdays this year?