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August 2022
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Ruts in the road

I have a problem with ruts. I like them. I fall into them so easily. But sometimes the ruts are bad.

Here’s the current rut. I do some work. My brain starts to hurt. At this point I really should say to myself, “Self, you can’t work now, so do something like knit or bake so that your mind isn’t doing gymnastics. That’s what you want to do anyways, and after the rest, you’ll be raring to go.”

But what happens is that I go play on the internet. Or I’ve been flipping through magazines or books I’ve read already. Basically getting nothing done and resenting the work I have to do all the more. So I’m giving myself a shake and a smack. The whole getting dark at 4:30-5pm thing really doesn’t help. (And I don’t know why I started going to bed late, like 4am late, and getting up late, like 2pm late, because I think that might be the real problem. And that’s easily fixable. I’m not a night person anyway.)

I want to spin. I want to knit. I really want to bake. Bread. Pie. Lasagne. Something. And dammit, I’m going to. Tonight is shopping for a turkey. (I swear, when both Bear and I get like this it’s terrible.) And then tonight after I clean a bit and put away all the groceries and feed us. I’m going to finish off the mittens. Tonight. So tomorrow, I better post about those mittens or else.

But in the meantime (while I’m getting work done so that tonight I can do all that fun stuff) here’s a pretty picture of some pansies. (I’m a big fan of pansies.)

No more of this procrastination crap.