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January 2023
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Snowy Strawberries

So last night I was good. We shopped, put away the groceries. Then I baked cookies (same as the ones here). I burned them just the tiniest bit. I also worked on the strawberry mittens and this morning I took pictures.

Here’s the first mitten (again). Please direct your attention to the color of the thumb. Notice how the top of the mitten and the thumb are the same color? (Strangely my spellcheck is not American. It wants to change color to colour. Which would be fine, but I know I don’t say colour. *sighs*)

Notice something else?? It’s snow!!! It’s the first snow of the season!

But yes, so, the reason I wasn’t wearing this mittens to keep my hands warm from the cold?

Yes. The thumb on the second mitten isn’t done. It’s very sad.

This is why. See the color of the yarn?

It doesn’t match the end of the yarn from the top of the mitten.

Not only does it not match the working end of the yarn, that color doesn’t occur again in the ball of yarn. Not only that, but it hardly appeared in the yarn at all. There’s only a very thin strip on the mitten where the yarn is 2 plies of very very pale pink and 1 ply of very very pale green. It’s very pretty, but it’s screwing up my mitten.

So I stopped knitting. Because I am stumped. I think though, in the interest of having warm mittens, and since I’ll be the one wearing them, that I’ll just knit the thumb and it just won’t match. I welcome any better ideas though.

The conversation when I went back into the house this morning, to drop the camera after taking the pictures:

ME: Holy crap, it’s snowing!

BEAR: It isn’t snowing?

ME: It is snowing.

BEAR: Holy crap it’s snowing?

ME: Yes!

BEAR: It’s snowing! Holy crap!

ME: Yes…

BEAR: It’s snowing holy crap?

ME: …yes. yes, it is.

*ME tackles BEAR*

He got plenty sleep last night…

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