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January 2023
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I’ve been so good this week. Despite my birthday, despite Thanksgiving, despite the wonderful fall weather (I love it when it’s bright and shiny outside but you have that cold snap of wind and when it’s cold and rainy and I can stay inside and when it’s grey and brooding and basically I absolutely adore fall) I have been working. I get up, work without looking at my blogs or browsing the internet or dreaming little dreams. I go home, have dinner, talk to Bear about his day, and go back to work without looking at my blogs or reading a book or knitting or spinning or watching my shows. I fall shower, fall asleep, and wake up to repeat the pattern. I have been doing this for days despite the fact that this kind of behavior goes against every grain I have. I am capable of working hard, but I need my hobby time.

But today the whine has started. In my head there is a little voice repeatedly stomping it’s foot and chanting in a childish nasal voice, “I don’t wanna!” I really really need to push through tonight and tomorrow. Finish my paper at the least. The problem is that it isn’t all over on Friday. We have homework due on Sunday. And paper reviews for everyone else in the class due Tuesday (8 groups, minus your own, we each have to read and write reviews for 7 papers in 4 days, but we’ll be doing homework Sat and Sun, so really in 2 days). Then we have the presentations Wed and Fri. And we still aren’t done. Our final is the Monday after. My mind and my heart are quailing in fear.

So in typical true denial, I staged a little photo shoot earlier.

I got the November fiber. Falkland wool. In the colorway “Pie for Everyone”…

Does that look like pie to you? At all?

I thought it looked more like my birthday roses, but with some shades of lavender and brown.

Falkland wool isn’t the toughest yarn, but it isn’t Rambouillet either. I’ve been dreaming about making really bouncy springy yarn. While I love the yarn I have produced in the past it tends to be very flat and strong. I wanted something a little more delicate and bouncy. I think I need to learn to how to spin with a short draw. I basically taught myself long draw and it seems so natural and intuitive that I’m having trouble even imagining what a short draw might look like. Hopefully I’ll find something to describe it and maybe a video on youtube. I have a novelty? batt with a mix of fibers and flash sitting upstairs in a mossy green color. Hopefully I’ll get to experiment some.

Well. As soon as this whole mess is finished. Of to do some writing I suppose.