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February 2023
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know where I want to go

So yesterday I showed my new shoes. Today, I’m going to share a little secret. Bear’s feet and mine have a love affair. Sometimes I feel bad for our feet. Their marriage was arranged.

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They didn’t get to date other feet really. One day, they were single feet who slept only with their fraternal twin for company, then they were stuck with this other pair of feet every night.

It’s a hard thing to be feet. You are walked on all day and get sweaty and socks and shoes often aren’t comfortable. I make sure my feet get a warm bath every night before I get off them for the night. Bear doesn’t treat his feet even that well though.

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Now though, all of the awkwardness of new someones is past and our feet play every night. Finally the heavy weight of our bodies is off them! Some nights are sweet and my feet rub his gently or his rub mine… not so gently and all four warm each other up. Other nights they fight! One foot constantly trapping another, toes grabbing at ankles and feet dragging calves into it to immobilize the whole leg, and toes poke and prod.

When its time to settle, our feet find some comfortable way of resting together: hooked at the arches, ankle blade between someone’s toes, or one foot resting on top of another.

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I think when they part again in the morning, they immediately begin looking forward to the next meeting.

(Brain, the title is a lyric from “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes)

  • linda

    ps. this is going in my love round up in february. :) thanks.
    love the pics you chose too. went very well with post.

  • emmy

    Now you know why I was frustrated looking for pictures of feet! I’m not sure you would want this in the roundup, but you are welcome to it if you are sure. It didn’t work quite the way I wanted.

  • Linda

    I remember loving this post and being tickled and intrigued and weirded out because usually I hate feet.

  • mef

    I still get all sentimental when I think about our feet’s love affair.