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February 2023
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Oh the horror!

I am so depressed! It’s horrible!

I am actually living up to what I said (for once) and sharing picture of the last of the Celebration spinning. I originally didn’t like the fiber because there was entirely too much orange, but as I was spinning, I grew to love the shetland. So I thought, well, this will be fine, it’ll be very orange, but I’ll just have a bright clash-y scarf.

So I finished the second bobbin:

(A hint for why I’m so depressed, see towards the end? There’s the maroon/purple then that brown? that brown is part of the problem.)

But I put the two bobbins together, and thought, well maybe the brown will just be part of the fun. See, I have two bobbins:

Then I started plying. At first, it was all pretty:

See the pink and black/navy? Then the pink/blue? then the pink/orange? All pretty.

Then… the first tremors of trepidation. This ugly brown/tan started meeting with the orange. And while I don’t have more pictures to share, it got uglier. I got this muddy gross long long section. And the strand where the brown came from stayed orange/yellow/brown. For almost the whole bobbin. I’ve almost finished the first bobbin and that one changes color a bit, but the second is staying orange. How did this not catch my attention?? The first bobbin even had a second run of pink and you know what it matched up with? Dark brown. Brown. Not even like chocolate, but dark mud brown. ugh.

And Bear so wasn’t helping. He kept sticking his fingers in front of the camera.


I ruined this poor fiber.