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January 2023
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Are you steady now?

I’ve been feeling overdrawn lately. Not tired or empty exactly, but like I’m playing a lot of catch-up instead of staying on a steady pace. I have a weird reaction to this feeling. It’s to try and hole up and stick my head in the sand. Which of course makes the catch-up worse when I crawl back out, but that’s my quirky reaction.

Speaking of quirks, my bff/sister/brain/partner-in-crime/Linda, posted about her quirkiness the other day and I got to thinking about quirks. I like to acknowledge a quirk and then get out of my own way. If I’m suddenly overcome with anxiety about the crack on the ground, I walk around it. If I have to have all the lights off before I go to sleep, I get my ass out of bed and turn them off. I don’t berate myself for having the quirk and make myself neurotic trying to overcome it. So here, for perusal, are some quirks that I’ve either encountered or own.

  • If I’m sleeping, all the lights have to be off.

If Bear is awake while I’m trying to sleep, he can have 1 light. ONE. Anymore than that trips my light anxiety.

  • I can’t get into bed unless my feet are clean.

If they’ve been in socks all day, that’s sometimes ok. But most days either I have to get into bed straight from a shower or I go and wash my feet in the bathroom sink before bedtime. Sometimes the rest of me can be not so clean, but my feet have to be.

  • I don’t like bones.

I don’t like eating around bones. I don’t like other people munching on bones. When Bear cooks something with a bone, I’ll eat the drier breast or I’ll cut the meat away from the bone and give the bone portion to Bear.

  • I don’t like raw meat.

Touching or seeing. Because of this quirk and the bone quirk, I’ve flirted with the idea of being a vegetarian. Bear always thwarts me though. Fish are exempt from the bones and raw quirks. I can eat and touch fish with bones or in the raw.

  • Sometimes I get random OCD. Then it’ll go away.
  • If my inbox has a single unread email, I stay anxious and flinchy until the email is read and marked down somewhere.

Even if all I do is put it down on a “to reply” list, I have to read it and decide what I’m going to do. It can’t sit there. (If I’ve got something that needs urgent attention, but I can’t get to it right then or I’m procrastinating, I’ll deliberately leave it unread or email myself to get that unread email in my inbox.)

  • I can’t have music playing while I read something.

I’ll pause pandora while I’m reading over code and then hit play when I’m writing over and over again during the day. If I take a break to read email, I’ll pause. (Actually hitting pause and play over and over again is too slow so mostly I push my headphones back on my ears and off my ears over and over again. It’s faster.)

  • I can’t listen to music when I’m creating (writing a story, spinning).

(Blog posts and emails are sometimes creative and sometimes …more technical. This can be problematic because often I’ll hit play, but then the music gets in the way of what I’m writing and I won’t realize it until I get really frustrated and take off the headphones.)

  • The tv or music MUST be on when I’m doing laundry or knitting. I need distraction from the brainless repetitiveness of folding or knitting.

Dude. Reading all of those makes me think I’ve lied to myself all these years. I say I never get bored, but I think I do! I think I just automatically do something to stop the boredom. I turn on the tv or some music and then when my brain gets engaged I have to turn off the tv or music.

Ok, I’m starting to sound like I belong in a mental hospital and that Bear is a saint for putting up with me, soooooo I think that’s all I’m gonna list. Tell me a quirk of yours (or bash me and point out more of mine if you want).

(Linda, pretty sure that’s a White Stripes song. The reason I picked it… well the song itself might not fit, but the lyric does.)

  • linda

    lol nice list! it’s weird to see it all in one place and think, wow. i gots a long list of quirks.

    my favorite quirk on someone is still alan’s french fry eating habit. :)

    i need to go shower now. i keep putting it off

  • emmy

    I have to say, I’ve never heard of a more interesting quirk than the french fry habit. It really is just confounding.

    Also, yes, it makes you feel REALLY neurotic to list out all your quirks. You should try it.

  • Linda

    I feel you about the TV while laundry and knitting. I feel the same about dishes. Sadly, it’s been hell because the only thing on our TV is FOOTBALL.

  • mef

    Oh ICK. I don’t believe in a home having multiple TVs because I totally believe too much TV is bad for a household….but if I had to deal with football (i just typed foodball and then giggled because you would be ok with that maybe) all day then I’d want my own TV.

  • Linda

    Actually, I want a progress meal centered around balls!

  • mef

    That’s your entree and dessert. What other balls could you have?

  • Linda

    yakitori balls!!!!! from a bus called love balls bus
    and indian gulumb something (icant spell it) which is like dough nuts with honey syrup oeaijtoaijt
    and rice balls!
    and mushroom balls
    risotto balls!


  • mef

    What’s yakatori balls?
    I want you to food blog yakitori and indian gulumb balls!

    MMMMMMMMMMMMM mushroom balls. I miss those like crazy.