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February 2023
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sunny side of the street

I’m going to try that post every day in November thing for Linda. Because we both have new jobs and we don’t get to talk nearly enough anymore and I miss and love her.

I’ve had a really crap week, but the hugest highlight has been that Bear got his driving license and got a car. It’s a white 2010 Acura TL. It’s so pretty and it drives so nicely. I’m almost jealous, but Bear is really awesome about sharing his toys with me.

It’s a little pricey, having a new driver on the insurance and a new car payment and a car that takes premium gas, but it’s such a HUGE HUGE improvement in terms of quality of life for Bear and myself that the cost is the tiniest blip. I’m usually the one that worries about finances in our family, but Bear is worrying more than me.

Bear also drove on the freeway to his work this morning. He did a fantastic job and we were at his work in no time, obeying all traffic laws and safety precautions. I love Bear driving. He’s so serious and concentrated and the more I get used to having someone else drive me, the more I relax. Recently I think I’ve been annoying him just because I want to chit chat with him while he’s driving but he’s still new enough that he needs me to not distract him except for navigation stuff like “right turn coming up”. Today he’ll drive us to pick up his new car and we’ll eat dinner with our very awesome neighbors and tomorrow is Friday. I can’t wait.

Mama Bear

It’s getting pretty hard to talk about my heroes. They are so very personal. This week I’d like to talk about my mother-in-law. My husband is a little paranoid though, so this might be short.

I admire her and consider her a hero for so many reasons, both large and small.

She was educated in another country, but when she got her kids over to the US, she had to start all over. She’s graduating this December with her RN.

She raised 2 kids without much help at all.

At one point in her life, she had her kids and absolutely no funds and barely any place to live. She now owns her own home and has no debt except for her mortgage.

She cooks like a fiend. I’m not even sure she LIKES cooking, but for years and years it was the only option and she’s just wicked efficient and quick now. The rare times she lets someone eat food that she didn’t cook, it’s Chinese takeout. If anyone knows Bear, this is where he gets it.

She earned money cleaning homes for a while. She is not ashamed of this. Her home is always immaculate.

She’s a fantastic mother. She’s human, and thus flawed like all of us, but she cares deeply for her kids and has proven how much she will do for them in both large ways and small. She calls Bear almost every night. If she didn’t get him the night before, she calls in the morning before we leave for work. She always always tells me hello or good night when she calls.

She’s got a green thumb. She grows her own pineapples. She started the first pineapple by buying one, cutting off the top and then planting it. She grows a tree (ackee tree) that really shouldn’t grow as far north as she lives, but it bears her a ton of fruit. She’s grown her own yams. She came to visit Bear and I and she did more yardwork in one day than Bear and I have all year.

She doesn’t talk about “exercise”. She talks about needing to “sweat”. It tickles me.

She didn’t like me very much when she first met me. Not for any reason that anyone would guess, but because I was so young. She was terribly worried that I was too meek and too innocent. We get along MUCH better now, mostly because I let her see my backbone. Most strong, capable, ambitious women would have been easier with a meek daughter-in-law. I think it’s a mark of how very confident she is in herself that she’s happier and more comfortable when she’s around other confident people. It always bowls me over when I think of it. This is such a RARE trait in a person. It totally explains Bear too.

She has a wicked sense of humor. I would share, but I have a feeling Bear would get embarrassed. Hey Bear, if you see this, give an example that doesn’t embarrass you, ok?

If anyone reads this, what’s the best character trait that you’ve seen in someone you consider your hero?

How the modern stay scared

Bear and I have been busy bees. My Gilligan came to visit and then Bear and I went to my hometown for a family thing. Bear and I ended up having a kind of shitty trip. It started off ok, but the last straw was the plane flight home. To preface this story, Bear snores. When he’s in bed, he snores REALLY loud, but when he’s sitting up, it’s mostly pretty soft. Also, our flight was turbulent. A lot of shaking and upset. Last point of note, he’s got the aisle seat and I’m in the middle.

So we get on the plane and Bear falls asleep while we are taxing down the runway. After he falls asleep I’m trying to get comfy and I notice the lady across the aisle from him is MAD. I’m not sure at what, but she’s glaring. After takeoff the kid in front of Bear leans his chair back. Bear wakes up when the chair jams into his knees and sticks one foot in the aisle and the other in front of me. I readjust myself and notice the woman is GLARING at Bear’s foot. I’m like great, she’s one of those that is pissed that he’s too big or that he’s not following the strict rules. To avoid her saying something, I wake Bear up when the flight attendants come by, especially when they have the cart.

A few minutes after we’ve all settled back down with drinks, Bear gets jostled pretty bad when the lady gets up. She jabs her knee or foot into him. I couldn’t see exactly because at this point I wasn’t paying attention. Thankfully Bear goes back to sleep. Now, until this lady jabs him, NO ONE ELSE on the plane has had any trouble with Bear’s foot. I can see how it’s a little rude of him. If the kid in front of him hadn’t leaned back, he would have kept his knees in his space, but short of cutting off his legs, there just wasn’t a lot of options at this point.

After the lady sits back down, I start kinda keeping an eye on her. Not seriously, but she’s starting to wig me out a bit with all her glaring and her deliberately(?) jabbing Bear. About 30 or so minutes pass and suddenly she reaches across the aisle and shoves Bear in the shoulder saying “Some of us would like to sleep too!” Bear and I were in complete shock. I started to get angry at this point. Bear put on his headphones and cranked up his ipod to try and keep himself awake.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be because a few minutes later I realized I desperately needed to pee. I was also still very very upset. When I was waiting in line for the bathroom, a flight attendant was hanging back there for a few minutes after she’d finished cleaning. I decided to explain the situation and ask her if she thought we should call them if something else happened. The FA asked if we’d said anything to the lady and upon discovering that we hadn’t, advised us to call them if ANYTHING happened.

I eventually go back to my seat. Bear eventually falls asleep. The lady eventually wakes up. I then hear her muttering. Then I hear her saying “HOW CAN YOU BE SO INCONSIDERATE?!? THIS IS A FULL FLIGHT DO YOU NOT REALIZE?” I ignore it and scrunch down into my seat. I didn’t even think about the FA at this point. I just couldn’t believe she was going to be just that loud. The guy who was in the seat behind Bear was standing in the aisle. He heard her. I heard her. The people in front and behind her heard her. But Bear still had headphones on his head. I didn’t get how she thought he could hear her

A few minutes later the FA comes by with water and because I’m hyper sensitive I see her take some. I think “Great. Drink some water and calm your ass down.” I should have known this wouldn’t work. I see her clenching her little cup to the point that it starts to crumple a bit. I start getting anxious. I really want her to hold her shit together. We have less than an hour left on the flight.

Of course she stands up though before she’s even finished her water. The guy that was in the aisle moves into his seat to let her pass. She reaches for the back of Bear’s seat. There’s no turbulence at this point. She SHOVES hard and Bear’s seat slams back, waking him and startling me and the standing dude. My blood boils and I loudly call “M’am!”. In that second the standing guy moves back into the aisle preventing her from moving away. She ignores me and I continue to call “M’am!” at a woman standing less than 4 feet from me. After about 4 times she gives me this false innocent confused look and says “Yes?” I said “Could you please leave my husband alone?” She says, “I was just trying to get past this man here.” I said “This isn’t the first time you’ve woken my husband, could you please leave him alone?” She looks at me and says “Im going to get the flight attendant.” My hand shot up and pushed the call button.

At this point Bear was trying desperately to get me to let it go and I tried to explain to him that I needed her to stop. She had been making me tense this whole flight almost. I then hear the flight attendant ask the lady “Did you touch her husband?” I assume the lady had told her that I was causing a commotion. The lady responds “I was just touching the back of his chair.” The flight attendant says “Did you touch her husband earlier?” The lady shifts back towards Bear’s chair and touches the back as if to demonstrate, “Right now, I just touched the back of it” The flight attendants voice gets kind of stringent. “Did you AT ANY TIME touch her husband?” The lady clearly has had enough as well “HE WAS SNORING.”

At this point I’m pretty sure the crazy must have been obvious on her face too because the Flight Attendant shuffled the lady away. We were told they were going to see if she was agreeable to moving seats. Bear was told very kindly that he should not be touched or allowed to feel bad for snoring on an airplane. Apparently the lady didn’t want to move though because right before we all had to be seated for landing she pops back into her seat. She didn’t look at us or say anything for the rest of the flight.

True story. Lets just say Bear and I gave her PLENTY of space when we were getting off the plane.

2010 in review

I’ve been meaning to do this for a little while. I figure 2010 was a huge year, so it took me a whole month to review it. That seems fair to me. Remind me if I forgot anything.

Linda, considering how much of November I remember (damn that rhymes), I might be persuaded to do the blogging thing again.


  • Packed
  • Fought with Bear about packing
  • Bought boxes and tape for packing.
  • Paperwork. God I remember a ton of paperwork getting ready for closing.
  • Dealt with both Bear’s and my anxiety about moving and buying the house
  • Got Bear into a Whole Foods for the first time ever.
  • Stalked our house many many many times.
  • This was also the beginning of the hellish anxiety over Bear coming up with things he wants to change about the house and how much I can’t stand hearing about the unending lists of potential changes
  • Dealt with the anxiety about our loan going through the underwriting and approval and god knows what else because it took forever.
  • The joy of knowing we were cleared to close: i.e. we were gonna get our house!
  • TA’d one of my advisor’s classes.


  • We closed!
  • Packing became furious and concentrated
  • We cleaned the new house
  • We moved
  • We cleaned the old apartment
  • We lived on minimal computer/tv time.
  • Our house was cold and unfamiliar and new.
  • We unpacked, a little more leisurely than we had packed at the beginning of the month
  • We lit a fire in our new fireplace
  • We smoked out our living room lighting that fire and the very few that we lit after that
  • We bought a bunch of plants to make our home more homey
  • We changed out our car from a Ford to a Toyota because we hated not having cargo space
  • We had our first snowstorm at our house
  • I climbed into our attic
  • We started to get sick of Chipotle
  • TA’d one of my advisor’s classes.


  • Momma and Annie came to visit
  • Got a firepit for the patio
  • Used firepit to have smores
  • The storm from hell dumped a bunch of water in our basement
  • We spent many nights and days pushing, sucking and pumping water out of our basement
  • We stained/treated our deck while they visited
  • We learned how to change out a toilet
  • We figured out how our water pipes were run
  • We painted the white part of our green bathroom
  • We got the bulk of the unpacking done
  • We had a rare 90 degree day
  • The house started to feel like home
  • AJ visited
  • The star magnolia started to bloom
  • The spring bulbs came up (hyacinths, daffodils)
  • Cooper visited for the first time
  • We learned we had two dead trees on our property
  • TA’d one of my advisor’s classes.


  • We learned about burning permits/permission
  • We loved the birds
  • I spent some time fighting weeds
  • Bear’s birthday gift was cleaned baseboard radiator fins
  • A little bird made her nest off our deck
  • Something ate the baby chicks in the nest
  • Spent a lot of time pimping out our old apartment


  • Cooper brought his family over to visit us
  • Linda gets nicknamed
  • Mr and Mrs Right threw a “get to meet the new neighbors” for us
  • I got new glasses and got contacts
  • The peonies started to bloom
  • Cooper cut down a lot of the yard in our yard until it looked like a yard instead of a jungle
  • Bear put together a planter box for me


  • Mr Bestie and Mrs Cranberry got married, twice
  • Bear and I got new clothes for the weekend of wedding stuff
  • Bear stressed about the weekend of wedding stuff
  • Bear stressed about my mom coming to stay for a month
  • I stressed
  • Bear got some work news
  • My mom came to stay for a month


  • My father came to visit
  • Bear got my mom HOOKED on Animal Crossing
  • My mom sliced open her finger
  • I found out where the hospital is by my house
  • I found the shortest route to said hospital too
  • My mom got eight? stitches in her hand
  • I showed my mom how to comb fiber
  • Bear had job continuity issues
  • We planted the extra tomato plants
  • I got about 16 migraines
  • We had money issues
  • We had people getting pissed at us (me) issues.
  • We rented a tiller
  • We used a tiller
  • BEAR used a tiller
  • My mother left after staying for a month
  • I got a new spinning wheel
  • I felt a lot better


  • My tomato plants became blighted
  • I finished and mailed the way way way overdue legwarmers for Pippi and Lucy. Although Lucy and The General might be wearing them.
  • Some leaves on our trees start turning colors
  • We replaced our boiler and converted to propane.
  • We played SC2
  • We paid someone to remove the oil boiler
  • We regretted it.


  • We started off the month with visiting my family in HOU
  • I had lunch with Bear and his old work peeps! It was awesome.
  • I spun a lot
  • I got these NASTY caterpillars that ate through my tomatoes
  • I gave up on my garden
  • We fed Mr and Mrs Right tbone steaks
  • We fed Left ackee and saltfish and then about 5 months later found out that she thought she was eating eggs.
  • We had weird sleep this month and I can’t remember anything else about it.
  • Hopefully we saved money


  • Bear and I started visiting Mr and Mrs Right about once a week for a coke (Bear) and a chat
  • We raked leaves. Because there were MASSES of them.
  • Bear surprised me and paid someone to come take care of the nasty nasty mess on our basement floor
  • Bear and I had the ickies.
  • I napped a lot
  • Bear and I worked our tuchuses off at work
  • My mom had surgery
  • Brain went and visited her for me.


  • We raked 50 BILLION more leaves.
  • Hypothetical BABY ASP!
  • I blogged every FREAKING day except Sunday because I love Linda THAT much.
  • Mr and Mrs Right came over and saved our tuchuses with their Kubota right before Thanksgiving
  • During Thanksgiving break my aunt and uncle came to visit
  • We cooked them turkey
  • I drove to the middle of nowhere to get farm raised turkey
  • I spent hours on the internet finding farm raised turkey
  • I failed to get a heritage turkey
  • I was chastised for not finding the Fkajofwijefoiwje heritage turkey
  • Apparently I should have gotten on the list 50 years ahead of time for this akofwjieofnoviwe heritage turkey
  • Thanksgiving was awesome despite the lack of kjowinefoiwefn heritage turkey
  • We put up leaf guards on our gutters
  • My awesome uncle cleaned our our gutters
  • My awesome uncle replaced a rotted board on our deck
  • My awesome aunt and uncle made ramps for the doors in the basement so now you don’t have to step up/down 2 feet
  • I gots me some new shoes
  • Bear and I watched Sherlock and White Collar in extreme fashion
  • the fall foliage was GORGEOUS
  • Gilligan and I started a love affair with Ira Glass. She started it
  • Brain said my brain was greasy
  • Apparently I remember a ton of shit when I blog every day.
  • Bear used his grill to cook stuff in a pot.
  • We moved the TV and the couches and the internet and the wiring for the house bc my aunt and uncle are AWESOME


  • I was a little blue after my family left
  • We turned on the Christmas lights at the front of our house
  • I had some awesome days working from home. Productive and comforting days
  • I started a new project at work
  • I read The Help by Katherine Stockett
  • Bear got me grownup luggage
  • I spent some time figuring out Christmas gifts for family members
  • I spent some time fighting with family members about gifts for other family members
  • Mrs Right took Bear and I to the airport at 430 in the morning!
  • I went home and had a great time connecting to my family as a whole
  • I saw Bear’s mom and his brother
  • Bear had a decadent break with his mom and brother
  • We got a huge snowstorm at the house while we were gone.
  • Mr Right used his snowblower and went out there and made it look like we were home.
  • We really do love our neighbors.